Mozilla Firefox.
Click the 3 lines at the top, right of the Mozilla Firefox browser to bring up the browser menu.

Click the 'Options' icon and you will then see this screen:

Click 'Privacy' on the left side of the screen and then select your history preference. I always select 'Never remember history' (if you select this option, Firefox may need to restart. This is OK).

Now click the 'clear all current history' link. You will see a dialog window appear.

Select your preferences and click the 'Clear Now' button at the bottom of the dialog window.

Good job. You have now cleared the desired data from Mozilla Firefox.

The next page will demonstrate how to do this for Microsoft Internet Explorer...

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Rich908 Premium
Great Training thanks
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Great training. Thanks, I needed this.
daviduk Premium
Is it possible to download and save password in chrome and firefox?
Labman Premium
I use a software called lastpass. This is a secure software that will manage your passwords for you. Well worth looking into.
daviduk Premium
Brilliant, I'm on my way.
Yenomym Premium
Great info. Going on my bookmark. Thanks.
krazykat Premium
Excellent. This is a question asked so often. It is also a fix for so many problems people encounter. Now we have a training to recommend.
Perfect. Thanks!