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Building a website at Wealthy Affiliate is very easy. In this video I walk you through the process of setting up FREE websites here at Wealthy Affiliate. It really does only take 3 simple steps.

As a Starter member you get TWO free Wordpress sites on the domain, as a Premium member you get unlimited free website as well as the ability to host unlimited domains that you actually own.

Here are a few things that are covered within this video:

(1) What is included in the SiteManager area
(2) How to choose your domain name
(3) How to choose a website name
(4) How to choose a theme and what to look for
(5) How to access your administration details
(6) The differences between Starter websites and Premium
(7) The various aspects of the SiteRubix platform

If you have any questions about creating websites here at WA, please do let me know and I will be more than happy to give you a hand. :)

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HealthCoach Premium
Hi everyone! Maybe it was in video above and I missed it. Once I chose theme for my website is it possible to change it for another one or change it for upgraded one (most of the themes are free but you can go for PRO version which you have to pay for)? Thanks a lot for your help in advance. :)
upsgirl Premium
You can change Themes as often as you like.
As a Premium Member, you have access to thousands of Themes.
Bea40 Premium
you can also upload your own theme also, once you become a premium member..
betcha Premium
Of course, you can! You might as well find the best one that suits your taste while you are at the early stage. Changing themes affect your lay out and it's going to be lots of work when you have to readjust some of the appearances of your pages, posts,and everything there is to your website. Pro versions are great as it enables you to customize better and there are more features to it. Enjoy!
T1967 Premium
Hi folks, Loving WA...and yes i am going PREMIUM very very soon. I have a few questions and i hope they dont sound too goes...

1. When i am updating / creating my website can i edit/view/edit/view etc etc without it going live (i.e preview the site off line so to speak) as i will probably changing a lot till i get it looking and flowing correctly?

2. Lets say i start with siterubix for a month or two and i have traffic/subscrbers/customers etc. will they automatically be directed to my new domain name at dot com? i know the change over will be seamless but i just want to know if i will have to tell them all or if the links that they use will automatically change (hope it makes sense)?

3. God forbid and i dont think there is a hope in hells chance of my next question happening but it did cross my mind.....what happens to my website and content etc.......if the hosting part of WA was to ever disappear? there i said it ....SORRY but i had to ask......
bmontes Premium
It's me again. I am here a lot. I'm sure others will comment as well but...

1 It will take a while for your site to go live anyway. It takes google a couple weeks to get your site indexed. Until then you should write content and do as the training suggest. As Kyle says there is no perfect content and you can always go back and edit and make changes later. 6 months in and I'm still making changes.

2. Yes, when you go from siterubix to your own domain, everything will redirect. You don't need to do anything.

3. It could happen but you will learn from newbie mistakes and back up your site on your computer and some suggest to back up your entire site with a plug in. I have heard people lose their site here and the question was always asked Did you backup your site? Make sure you do.
T1967 Premium
Informative as always....THANK YOU VERY MUCH........... :-) tania
Omar87 Premium
If I recently purchased a domain on Domaincheap. Am I able to use it here at WA right away for my first site? I understand you have to be a premium member for that. I Guess what I'm asking is, will Domaincheap let me use it here right away after purchase or would I have to have it on their registrar for some time before I can use it here on WA? I just recall reading something with some people having some sort of similar issue, but not sure if it was the same case or something completely different. Also can I purchase a domain here at WA as Premium member? Please advise.. Thanks!

magistudios Premium Plus
Hey Omar,

As a premium member of WA, you can use any purchased domain from any source. Since you purchased it from Namecheap, simply point the domain nameservers to:


This will give you hosting for that domain.

Omar87 Premium
Hey Jay, Thank you much for the feedback. I really do appreciate that.

MarieNunley Premium
I have my niche and next I build a website. Once this is all complete and my site is out there how do I get connected to the products to sell through my website???Do I find a affiliate program and join them to sell through them?? I am confused on how this part goes

I am not good at writing so how do I get my content on my website??
roamy Premium
After you have content on your site, you will apply to affiliate programs,once accepted, you`ll put their products (with your affiliate link) on your site, if anyone buys a product through your affiliate link, you get a commission.
Does this answer your question or do you need more help?
MarieNunley Premium
Thank you. that helps
MsRoop Premium
This answered my question as well thank you. So I can have one website promoting different affiliate programs?
MsRoop Premium
Hi roamy if you are not good at writing content you can try where you start out paying $5. For just about any service until you are able to write great content on your own. You can also visit other people's websites in your niche and see the style of their content and bring your personal style into your content.
Eggnchips Premium
Excellent video. I like the SiteRubix tools particularly. I have a couple of questions on what is the best way to manage the build process.

I am intending to build/improve websites for other people. The other “person” may or may not have an existing domain and they may have the site hosted by another provider. In the case where the other person already has a domain name and a hosting server things become complicated.

My ideas on approaching this would be to:

1. build and test the site initially on siteRubix;
2. point their domain name to the SiteRubix hosting service;
3. do the SEO work to finalise the content and increase rankings;
4. ftp the WP files over to the third party’s server;
5. delete the site from SiteRubix.

a) Is this what people normally do?
b) Can you see any flaws in this approach?
c) Presumably, there is no point in doing any SEO work whilst the site is a subdomain of SiteRubix?
d) Is it ok to do the SEO work whilst the server is SiteRubix (assuming the domain is pointing to the SiteRubix server?
e) Can everything be bundled up on SiteRubix and ftp’d to the other person’s server?

Sorry to ask so many questions but it all seems so simple if you are just setting up your own website. When it comes to other peoples, everything gets a little bit more hairy.
JackTomon Premium
Hi Chris,
I have not moved sites out of WA. In fact I am encourage people to host in WA, especially if you are going to administer or support their site. All mine and friends of mine are hosted in WA.

And with Siterubix, it is indeed very easy to manage all these sites.

I suggest you do the SEO work in Siterubix and migrate. In fact you site can get index while in Siterubix.

See other reference below that may help, and look up more in the WA discussion/help panel. Many info here. Hope this helps,

Eggnchips Premium
Hi Jack,
Thanks for the advice and pointing me in the right direction.
Best of luck with the business in PNG.
lodelrey25 Premium
Kyle that is a great tutorial. building my own website which was a nightmare before is now soooo easy .Tnx again