1. Introduction

There are many ecommerce platforms, B2B, B2C, and C2C:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Jet/Walmart
  • Rakuten
  • Wish
  • DHgate
  • AliExpress
  • Zappos.com
  • 6pm.com
  • Overstock.com
  • Otterbox.com
  • Nike.com
  • Wayfair.com

Almost every major brand has its own website. Amazon is the leader among them. The winning factor for Amazon is:

    • Primer membership
    • A9 search engine

    Primer membership creates loyalty of customers.

    The power of A9 search engine:

    • Price matching
    • Promotion analysis
    • Benchmark evaluation

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    mosb2012 Premium Plus
    Ty for providing fba Amazon training. But, will this work with course type products?
    Labman Premium Plus
    This training is not designed for course type products
    Anthonyhu Premium
    This course is designed for selling products through Fulfillment By Amazon or FBA.
    carolbinger Premium
    I did a one day sale for the product I was selling. When the specific time ended, I could not change back to the original price. All my units just kept going for the discounted price. It did not stop until all the items were gone. So my profit margin was very low.

    Even when I contacted Amazon about the problem, I did not get a good response. The competition can be fierce. Those selling the same products want to see the cheaper prices go fast so that they can sell theirs at a higher price.

    That is why private label is a good idea and you explained this very well.
    Anthonyhu Premium
    Thanks for sharing your personal experience with us. This may be something no one could predict. Like any business, there are so many small details. You learn it until you take action and actually do it.

    You are certainly an experienced seller on Amazon. I wish you could restart your Amazon seller business and share more with us.

    I am trying. The biggest problem for me to identify good products to sell. After identifying the profitable products, it take time and efforts to identify manufacturer to produce the private labeled products. Quality control of the product is also tough to do.
    carolbinger Premium
    Great training. I use to sell FBA but took a break after a bad experience.
    Anthonyhu Premium
    Thanks for stopping by. Could you share us with your experience?
    JKulk1 Premium
    Great advice Anthony for those interested in promoting their own products. Jim
    Anthonyhu Premium
    Hi Jim, Thanks for stopping by. I have been listing products on Amazon for a while now. This training summarizes what I know. I wish it helps people who has desire to sell on Amazon.
    megawinner Premium
    Thank you Anthony... these days I have been picking new exciting information like yours and it feels like having information overload, I need to release them by applying that infor to my online business. Thanks again!
    - Florentino
    Anthonyhu Premium
    Hi Florentino, yes, you are right that there are huge amount of information around. It is important for us to identify what is useful for our online business. Done right, Amazon FBA could be a nice and profitable venture. Just keep this in your thought. When opportunities coming, you know how to catch it. Thanks for stopping by.