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January 17, 2014
From Hare to Tortoise... I "hit the ground running," as my friend @serendipity2 put it. But now I have slowed down from a sprint, and am settling into the marathon, after catching up to the starting line. The new starting line for me seems to be Course 2, Lesson 2, as this is where I came to a screeching halt! This is the lesson that requires me to write content for the first 3 pages of my site. I know my niche. I know the content. But putting it in writing is an elusive beast! Wh
January 14, 2014
WA is a keeper! It took two days for me to make my decision, but I was more than half-way there from day one. There were 3 reasons that sealed the deal for me. From the very first day I was confronted with posts about successes with WA. The ones that interested me the most were those about getting the very first sale. I saw these members as kindred spirits who had wandered the annals of the web for so long, that they were amazed that this place which seemed to be an oasis, was in fact no mir