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Last Update: December 15, 2018

If you're a premium member and haven't yet ventured into the 'Live Events' tab, then I recommend you do so. I always knew about the training events but I never actually looked into the webinars until recently. How and why have I only just done this!?

Hours Of Hints & Tips

There's literally hours upon of hours of webinars to watch. They are delivered live weekly and sometimes more frequently so you know the training is fresh and relevant. If like me you can't find the time to watch them live, due to time zone differences or other commitments, then luckily for us they are archived so you can play them back in your own time and as often as you want.

At Least Take A Look

Every recorded webinar is maximum an hour, which may seem a long time to sit and listen to someone, but you can always come back to them or skip to parts which may be relevant to you. I recommend you at least take a look and I guarantee you will learn something new which will level up your website and/or your skills. I'm definitely going to be checking these out more often!

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Nick-at-WA Premium
Thanks for the update.
AlanJE Premium
Hi Tom, I have looked at some of the old recorded videos as training, and there is incredible knowledge there to share, Best Alan