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If you're a premium member and haven't yet ventured into the 'Live Events' tab, then I recommend you do so. I always knew about the training events but I never actually looked into the webinars until recently. How and why have I only just done this!?Hours Of Hints & TipsThere's literally hours upon of hours of webinars to watch. They are delivered live weekly and sometimes more frequently so you know the training is fresh and relevant. If like me you can't find the time to watch them live,
I just wanted to put this quick post together to mention how the importance of choosing the right theme can make all the difference to your site and how you also look at your own site. If you're not happy with the way your site looks then I know how you feel and I found my solution!Find A Theme Until You're Happy!'s as easy as that!Creating consistent and relevant content is obviously one of the most important elements of your website but don't underestimate the power of finding th
May 16, 2018
Hi all!It's been just over a month since joining WA and I can safely say I have already learnt so much. The training delivered is easy to understand and as long as you follow the tasks given you can't go wrong. I've just come to the end of the level 2 training and there's still loads more training to look forward to!So what can you expect and achieve in your first month? I want to share with you my progress so far, dedicating at least 8 hours a week.My passion and hobby is health and fitness, s
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