The New Wealthy Affiliate Features are Awesome!

Last Update: February 24, 2018

Hi my good W.A. friends, I've been out for quite some time but now I'm back. I am amazed on how W.A. has improved over the years. I'm going to talk about some of the new Wealthy Affiliate features I'm in love with and how they can help newbies that are just getting started.

No More Spam Comments
Long gone are the days that we would receive over hundreds of spam comments in a day. The problem with junk comments is that you would have to take time to see which ones were bad and which ones were good.

Deleting mass amounts of spam takes away time from our more important duties like writing content. W.A. has managed to stop spam on the server side so it never reaches our websites. Now that's SUPER AWESOME!

If you've gone through the W.A. training you understand how important comments are for our websites to rank in Google. Receiving real comments from real people is going to rank your site, not comments created by internet robots.

No company that I know has this type of technology except Wealthy Affiliate. For newbies that are just starting out, this is good news because you won't have to worry about trying to figure if the comment is trustworthy or spam.

Updated Training Modules
As I'm currently going through all the training modules again, I can see that there are a lot of changes that took place. This is important because every two years technology advances and we need to update our knowledge as entrepreneurs.

In no hosting company will you be able to find a certification course like the one in W.A. It's not only the best, but you have Kyle and Carson guiding you.

You're being taught by people who have done the techniques that you find in these courses and methods that have been successful. Learn by experts who have been there and done that.

But once you complete the certification program, it doesn't stop there. You can watch live video training seminars from Jay our Friday hang out guy. You can also learn from other members in W.A. who have completed and posted training blogs.

Awesome New Writing Platform
The further I dive into the new Wealthy Affiliate features, the more new things I see. I remember having to write with the Rapid Writer back in the days.

The new writing platforms blows away the rapid writer by miles. This is a writer's dream come true, you have ready-made templates to start your projects.

Once you complete your article, you can run a spell check and verify that your spelling is error free. I wish the writing platform had a feature similar to Grammarly that can suggestion similar words. Maybe it does but I'm still learning it.

But my favorite part is that you can post your article directly into your website without having to copy and paste. I wish we had this a few years back but I'm glad we have it now.

Jaxxy Lite for Premium Members
I saved the best for last, Jaxxy Lite. I thought I was in love with my trusty Key Word finder tool, but now I'm madly in love with Jaxxy. While I'm still trying to figure it out, it has a basic function, to find valuable keywords.

But comparing the old keyword tool with Jaxxy, Jaxxy gives users more details, suggestions and it feels way more powerful. I'm still in the process of learning Jaxxy's functionality and I can't wait to upgrade in the future.

Another important factor to consider is that as a premium member, you get to access Jaxxy Lite totally free. A few years back you had to pay separately to access Jaxxy.

Overall I'm so grateful that Kyle and Carson implemented this feature to enhance our work flow. I'm still amazed that we have access to Jaxxy Lite, an industry leader in keyword research tools.

Thank You, Kyle and Carson
My experience in the past with W.A. was super. But now with all the new updates, features and more stuff that I don't know about yet, W.A. has been super-charged.

For all the newbies reading this article, believe me when I say you got it easy. Now we can really become more productive and achieve our goals.

All the tools needed to become successful are here, all you need to do is grab these tools and put them to work for you. Help me say Thank You to Kyle and Carson for all the hard work they have done in creating these new features in Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks, Kyle and Carson for making W.A. a great place to learn and interact with other professionals. I wish I can read your mind to see what features lie ahead in the future.;)

Post below in the comments section your THANK YOU KYLE and CARSON for making W.A. AWESOME. They will love it.


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LouisaB Premium
Tony, it's a great pleasure to meet you, and thank you for sharing the then and now experience

"Thank you Kyle and Carson for making WA awesome."
TonyMonzon Premium
hi Louisa,
Nice to meet you, and yes these new features rock! My favorite is having access to Jaxxy lite. Keyword research is my favorite part of this business. Thanks for your comments.
VitaliyG Premium Plus
There's so much more to come, these guys are constantly coming up with amazing stuff Antonio :)
TonyMonzon Premium
hi VitaliyG,
Wow, I can't wait to see what goodies they got in store for us. Take care;)
VitaliyG Premium Plus
You too my friend!