Reached my 50% Website Bounce Rate Goal !

Last Update: April 04, 2018

Today I'm so excited because I checked my Analytics and my bounce rate went from 70 to 50 percent.

One of my main goals was to keep visitors longer on my website by writing engaging content. So with all the training here at W.A. I started adding more content to each of my posts.

I also started adding images to keep readers entertained while their reading my content. So I started creating images with Canva for all my posts.

The Results?

By keeping my posts longer and interesting, I managed to lower my overall website bounce rate to 50 percent. THAT'S AMAZING!

Not only did I lower the bounce rate but I increased the Session Duration up to 7.5s. That's something that I'm really proud of and wanted to share with you.

Although my website is fairly new, it doesn't mean I should write short and boring content. By following the training here in W.A., you should be creating content that people WANT to read.

Here is my Seven Day Google Analytics Metrics...

Use the Templates and Tools here in W.A.

The templates here in W.A. are ready for you to start writing excellent content with a good word count. If you're writing a long article, try adding more photos for some cool visuals.

Don't forget about adding videos as well. Videos with more than five minutes of duration time will keep visitors longer on your site.

My Next Goals...

My next goals are to start making money of course, but mainly create helpful content that people like. I would like to lower my website Bounce Rate to 45 percent.

Also, I would like to increase the Session Duration of my visitors to 8 minutes. It's not going to be easy but I'm going to give it a shot.

Overall, never quit making content for your website. It should be a daily thing, but also make the content fun and interesting. Have fun and start writing some Awesome content!

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buffetearns Premium
Nothing wrong with bragging when it's inspiring as well!

Excellent stuff Tony!

MarkBa Premium
Well done.

~Mark :)
TonyMonzon Premium
hey Mark,
Hopefully my blog posts motivate people to make their dreams come true.
Thanks for the reply. ;)
KristylaureL Premium
TonyMonzon Premium
hi Kristy,
I'm glad you enjoyed my post. I got many more coming.
Talk to you soon. ;0)
buffetearns Premium
Thanks for sharing Tony!

TonyMonzon Premium
hey Wayne,
Sharing is caring and also like bragging.;)
Thanks for the comment.
RichBrennan Premium Plus
Some good tips, Tony, and congrats on your results. Onwards and upwards! :-)
TonyMonzon Premium
hi Rich,
I always enjoy sharing my success with people. Thanks for the comments.