Don't Give Up, You're Almost There!

Last Update: July 10, 2016

Sometimes it feels like all the work we do is for nothing when we don't see immediate results. Was the first light-bulb invented on the first try? Certainly not, it takes trial and error to make something work.

Reevaluate Your Plan

When we don't see immediate results we must first ask why? Are we:

  • Following the training provided here in WA?
  • Researching for our answers in reputable places?
  • Reviewing your niche competition?
  • Reading success stories?

Start Training all Over

Sometimes we tend to overlook certain parts of training here in WA because it seems simple or not too important. But in reality each and every step that Kyle teaches you is HUGELY IMPORTANT. He makes sound very easy because he's been at it his entire career. Start the certification or boot camp courses all over to see if you missed anything. All the steps that you learn here in WA are the basic steps for affiliate marketing. In order for you to become better with your business you need to solidify the basic skills and start learning more advanced techniques.

Look for Reputable Websites

You can get some good training and resources in well-established websites in your niche. For example, if you need more information on how to build your website, you can search in Google for keywords like WordPress tips, or WordPress for beginners. There are lots of niche websites dedicated for only those topics. This is a great time to review those niche sites and see what works for them so you can apply those same techniques.

Examine Competition

A great technique is to take a sneak peek at what your niche competitors are up to. Are they selling the same product you are? Does your competition advertise products from a popular affiliate publisher? The more you know about them and their products, the better position you will be to create a plan. Maybe your niche has too much competition and it might be time to research for another niche.

Nothing Beats Reading a Success Story

One of my favorite motivational kickers is to read about someone just like you and me that started his or her business and became successful. You can learn a lot by listening to their stories and understand the challenges that they went through. This gives me a second wind to continue with my business plans. You can read some success stories here in WA written by our very own members.

Don't let your dreams of being an entrepreneur go to waste, take a big step back and look at the big picture. You have worked hard to get where you are now and you are ahead of many people. You are very close at achieving success, don't give up now!

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paulgoodwin Premium
So true and we have so many stories here st WA
TonyMonzon Premium
hi Paul,
a business is a business, we must treat it like one. See you around! ;0)
paulgoodwin Premium
True but it all depends on how to treat you business it can be fun or it can be flat
JudeP Premium
Absolutely true :)
TonyMonzon Premium
hi Jude,
the only way to go is forward not backwards. thanks for the comment!