There's No Sleep For The Wicked

Last Update: August 22, 2019

Sleep, what's that?

It's difficult to find time, we are all aware of this so I won't go on about it too much, although It's important to try and manage your time!

I find that the only time I have is late evening, after work, dinner, walking the dog, doing the housework etc... This is normally about 9pm. That's when I start looking at everything on WA, posting on my website, doing the training, giving site feedback, you know all the stuff you do! It is usually about 1am that I wrap everything up and get to bed only to be woken by the infernal alarm at 6am meaning I have to get ready for work.

Boy am I tired, still, no rest for the wicked.

Got to keep up the momentum, right?

The reason I force myself through this is that I want to make my website successful. Just like everyone else here I have a goal that I want to achieve and posting every day is a way to achieve the goal I'm after.

I have spent a lot of energy and time ( Sorry, mentioned it again! ) on getting to where I am today with my website. It's not made me any money yet and hasn't ranked in Google but I have had a small amount of visitors and now I've gone social I hope to get many more. I have also applied to lots of affiliate programs and been rejected by some recently which is so disheartening as they could be the key to getting that sale.

So I get back on the web and search up more affiliate programs for my niche, no rest for the wicked.

Need a holiday? Yep, me too!

I am going on a short family holiday next week, the first in four years and I can't wait to getaway. Away from the town I live in and more importantly, away from work! My full time job work that is that I still have my website to update. No rest for the wicked!

Or is there?

I was painting the fence in my garden today and thinking about WA, it's kind of taking over my life a little bit and I was trying to convince myself that I can leave my website for 5 days. Nothing is really happening at the moment so it will be fine. But, the stubborn git that I am surfaced and said 'Hell no, gotta keep up the momentum buddy'.

He was right, that's to say I was right, or at least I agreed with myself that I have to keep going and produce content. I can't let this slip. But, what about my family? My long-suffering partner, my 3 kids who just want to spend time with me for a few days. What about them?

And then Eureka, I had the solution. I am up until all hours doing stuff at WA, why not write extra content and save it. Then I could post it quickly from my phone while I am away. I could do it first thing in the morning and then the day is my own, and my family's of course!

Almost like when you prepare food in a restaurant kitchen before you open for the evening. Prepare for the holiday by writing enough content so that I can still work on my website while I am away but it will only take 2 seconds instead of 2 hours.

Well, thanks for listening to me warble on, I'm off to prepare for my holiday. There's no rest for the wicked.

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firstlearn Premium
preparing posts ahead of time is a good idea. You can put them on your site and have them appear at a future date and time.

Mick18 Premium
Great idea to prepare your posts ahead of time. Don't let the rejection bother you it happened to me and plenty of others here. You can always reapply.

Have a great vacation.
TonyJS Premium
Thanks Mick, gonna leave it a couple of months and try again!
mcknisu Premium
ha ha...sounds like normal, right? The endless circle of life and work. The good thing is there is a light at the end of the tunnel with WA,,,just keep it going and you will see results!!
TonyJS Premium
As Dory once said ‘Just keep swimming’
Thanks for your comment
ERichardson1 Premium
Good afternoon, I hear you talkin Tony, my schedule is very similar to yours. I freelance writing for a few of the local newspapers, I get home about 9 to 10 at night eat then I go to wa and do my thing just like you and everyone else until three 4 in the morning, Go to bed, I start all over between 8 and 9: 30 a. M., We do what we do enjoy your vacation Tony.
TonyJS Premium
The crazy things we do! Hope everything’s working out for you!
DMahen1 Premium
Enjoy the vacation.
TonyJS Premium
I will certainly try, thank you