Organic Traffic Boom!

Last Update: March 01, 2021

My organic website traffic more than tripled to 1 of my websites yesterday!

Was it a Fluke?

My writer has been writing quality articles for me for about 3 months now since I hired him when my other writer decided to quit.

It appears that the articles for the most part are all receiving about the same amount of traffic besides the 1 that I wrote about a year ago that is still outdoing all of the others.

Did You also have a strange increase yesterday?

My organic traffic went from the like clockwork amount of about 1,500 visitors a day compared to yesterday at 5,223 visitors.

My earnings were only about 50% increased for yesterday & not 333% in relation to the traffic increase.

Of course, sales come after the traffic so the next few days/weeks/months will be very telling!

I'm so looking forward to the traffic staying like it was yesterday allowing me to assist so many more friends to learn & earn 100% online from anywhere in Our World!

Thank You Friends for viewing and commenting,

Tony Lee Hamilton aka the Digital Marketing Veteran on the internet

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1800CC Premium
Hello Tony.
No increase in traffic for me.
Your experiencing proof that when you keep posting good things will happen. Enjoy it.
Be safe
AndyN1 Premium
Hi Tony
I checked - no blip in organic traffic yesterday for my site. It will be interesting to see whether your sales see a bump up too.
Best regards
RogerMackley Premium
Great Tony, what progress.
drjec Premium
This is a very encouraging post for all of us.
jfbmarketing Premium
It sounds like things are working out well for you Tony, congratulations. Nothing wrong with free traffic.