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Last Update: May 27, 2021

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What does it take to grow your following?

We all started at zero and go from there!

I personally follow everyone and am perfectly aware that only about 10% will follow back....

Sometimes even less than 10%

It's the Law of Averages at work......

As with anything in life, about 10% will and the other 90% won't!

Here on WA, I recommend that You click on "Your Rank" then that page will take you to a Top 200 at Wealthy Affiliate page. Follow those 200 people as they're the most active at WA!

Does that mean that they're the Top Earners?

No, not even close.....rank only represents activity level.

I joined WA on 15 June 2015 so next month I'll be here for 6 years.

In less than 2 months, I was in the Top 10 and an Ambassador here.

Was I in the Top 25 earners?

Definitely not in terms of WA referrals but I have indeed been earning an income online since 2009 so I have earned more than a few dollars as well as helped thousands of friends earn online as well.

Growing your following is very beneficial here at WA because it can also assist you with growing your following at other sites as when we're either Premium or Platinum Premium Members we're allowed to list our sites on the right side of our profile page.

Anyone that follows you can see your links, those that aren't can't........... Follow for more exposure!

WA Friends, building your following here and at other places is just a matter of doing it.

There are over 7 billion people in our world but it only takes a few of us to make a difference.

Keep Sharing & Caring!

Recent Comments


Very interesting, Tony. I hadn’t thought of the advantage of having lots of followers. I feel overwhelmed with the 200 or so that I have. Especially waking up to 30+ blogs to read. I want to read them all but there aren’t enough hours in the day to do that and everything else I have to do. And my coach says the business needs to come first. But you make some interesting points.


Hello Tony,

Thank you for your blog post, another interesting and inspiring post! I hope you're doing well.

It's interesting that you mentioned about being an ambassador, it's easy to think that all the ambassadors are earning loads of money! But as we know, that's not the case. It's still good fun to be an ambassador though and it shows that members are very active, as you mention!

It's amazing that you were an ambassador here within two months Tony, that's pretty quick going!

I agree, having a large following on Wealthy Affiliate can only be a good thing.

Congratulations on being at Wealthy Affiliate for almost 6 years.

Enjoy the rest of your day,



To grow you're following its important to organize your following such as keep focus on what you are advertising and we want to follow people who are in that field of work or what we promote. For example, if you like bodybuilding, then your main focus is to follow those who like to go to the gym or health & fitness instead of following Nasa lol.... I learned this from a former friend who taught me how to grow his company's following and it worked 100%

** Following people who have a profile picture, make sure they are not random, scammers, or just something that is not going to help increase production. Also, the big key factor, following others who also have a great following is really the main idea here.
You see, as we follow others, we start to be restricted on how many more we can follow, and how quickly we can follow them. If you can only follow 200 people a day, then it's important to not follow too fast and not get a restriction from the web or a 24 hr hold until you can continue following again. once we reach our limit of how many we can follow, sometimes we have to delete those we followed and then refollow again other people we have not followed. So, if you already get a follow back from someone you followed and you are just trying to gain growth, then they should not take it personally, you are just trying to free up space so that you can continue to follow more people.

3) Posting an ad every 3-5 hours is the second most important factor to gaining a high following because their is a time frame from our sales etc, and you will see your own ratio of when people are most active or online in your domain. you are not going to post at 3 am to advertise, if your audience or live audience is sleeping during that time. If you have any questions I am always willing to explain or show anyone how to. . Hope it helps!



I've only been a member of WA, for less than a month, I do try to respond to all who make contact.

However, I know for a fact that I haven't responded to everyone who has messaged me, and my apologies to those who have not heard back from me.

Welcome to WA Jason, you're in a great place my friend!


Great advice, Tony 😊👍🏼👊🏼


Thank you Chigs!


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