Fear prevents Success

Last Update: October 12, 2014

FEAR prevents success. This is how I feel every time I am searching and looking for business or some sort of extra income besides my regular work for my family. Each time I felt it I never go to do the business I want. I have so many research I did, reading articles, signing off to so many business offers or options. But still because of FEAR nothing I decide to step up and do the business. Including to those types of business are online business, until accidentally, Wealthy Affiliate came across to my FB timeline, may be someone of my friend posted it or I hit to like WA's page. Then I signed up to WA, see how this business works. How WA can help me reach my goal.

As a starter member, while reading and watching videos, and receiving warm message from other members of WA by welcoming me. it is really already overwhelming. I can how helpful the members are including the founders Carson and Kyle. I see how easy to learn the business and the help I could get from all the coaches that could help me walk through is really amazing. After all of those things then I decided to sign up as premium member because I know I could get tons of help for me to start-up this business and help me to be success. That decisions defeats my FEAR of stepping up and go on to this business. I know I will be successful in this with you help - WA members who just started like me and all successful members!! All I need to do is ACTION. Doing business is like a baby. Baby learns how to walk by itself successfully but it become more successful with the help of others that know how to walk!!

I consider my self as baby and now I want to learn how to walk.

Be Happy!!

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yessan55 Premium

... nothing to fear but fear itself... seek and you shall find... ask and you shall receive...

You came to the right place... what you can't do is give up... Did you read Think and Grow Rich already? If not, you should... I think you would like it. :-)
Tonio54 Premium
Yes, I read that book by Napoleon Hill, but not finish yet, a very interesting book though. I like it very much.
JSakanee Premium
Welcome to WA