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November 21, 2014
For those who's English is a second language, and to make sure that your grammar and spellings are correct for your Blog. I found a tool that you could use to make sure that every word in your sentence is correct. It is an app that adds on to your browser (as an extension app) that checks each word you type and show if there is something wrong. here is the website, just sign up and walaaa!!! it adds on to your browser. And its free!! Hope this could be helpful to you
October 29, 2014
At start I am very slow, struggling, sometimes getting stock into one spot but with the help of the WA community, I see my self stepping up one at a time. It is like baby learning how to step or remember when you are learning how to ride on a bike. I just want to shout that I am doing it. I have progress. Thanks for all the information I am getting from courses, blogs, classes and even when reading some questions which I have the same and getting the answers from there. At my first post, it was
October 12, 2014
FEAR prevents success. This is how I feel every time I am searching and looking for business or some sort of extra income besides my regular work for my family. Each time I felt it I never go to do the business I want. I have so many research I did, reading articles, signing off to so many business offers or options. But still because of FEAR nothing I decide to step up and do the business. Including to those types of business are online business, until accidentally, Wealthy Affiliate came acro