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November 26, 2015
Good Afternoon everyone! So, I ride a motorcycle primarily and this weather in the UK isn't the nicest. Not only is it cold and very windy down in the south, but its constantly wet... This causes everyone to get in their cars, which makes my 2 mile commute take 30 minutes, in the mornings... and I'm on a motorbike, and I am very competent with filtering. It also up's insurance premiums (for me to insure my car it has gone up by £400) making it harder for me to get back in a car, to minimi
November 25, 2015
Hello Again, Just a short blog today, I feel like if I keep blogging I will find it more natural and easy to do. So today I have ran through the first WA website quite a bit, and I have also started my personal website which has been a long time coming, go me :)I also have updated my profile slightly, still need to get a decent profile picture, but as its November and all, my face needs a trim! I feel like I am doing ok for my second day I suppose, rank 8133, 72 followers (thanks guys and girls
November 24, 2015
Hi All,I’ve started my journey!I’ve been here for a day and so far I love it, really nice atmosphere, people and community. I feel like I have made the first hurdle, and that is owning my own domain name! I have thought about it for so long anyway, as an IT Techie I should have my own website, but working for a company I haven’t felt the need for one. But now, I have signed up to my own personal domain name, which I hope to put to good use, I can already think of all the possi
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