Day 2 - Not too Shabby

Last Update: November 25, 2015

Hello Again,

Just a short blog today, I feel like if I keep blogging I will find it more natural and easy to do.

So today I have ran through the first WA website quite a bit, and I have also started my personal website which has been a long time coming, go me :)

I also have updated my profile slightly, still need to get a decent profile picture, but as its November and all, my face needs a trim!

I feel like I am doing ok for my second day I suppose, rank 8133, 72 followers (thanks guys and girls of course :) ) It would be nice to be in the hundreds in the near future!

Thanks for reading once again, hope its not too boring :)

Speak Soon!


p.s. I will become a premium member soon I promise!

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whitsunday Premium
Going well Tom. ..and having fun!
oldokie Premium
Hey Tom! nice to have you aboard. It will come in handy having another IT guy to go to for help. Welcome, and have a wonderful and productive day.