I hate this time of year.

Last Update: November 26, 2015

Good Afternoon everyone!

So, I ride a motorcycle primarily and this weather in the UK isn't the nicest. Not only is it cold and very windy down in the south, but its constantly wet...

This causes everyone to get in their cars, which makes my 2 mile commute take 30 minutes, in the mornings... and I'm on a motorbike, and I am very competent with filtering.

It also up's insurance premiums (for me to insure my car it has gone up by £400) making it harder for me to get back in a car, to minimise the risk of me coming off this winter. I know that i have just contradicted myself there, but I need my car for work, half the people that have now appered on the roads are just using their car because its cold...

Anyway, enough ranting, hope things are going well with your online ventures and not getting stuck in traffic in these cold winter months!

Speak soon,


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whitsunday Premium
I know that in my country, lots of commuters carpool and take turns.
nathaniell Premium Plus
I know exactly what you mean. I own a bike and a truck. I prefer the bike, but as the winter changes, I use the truck more and more. I'm sure you have worse weather in the UK though - I'm in California. What kind of bike do you ride?