My first commision with WA!

Last Update: January 29, 2016

Less than 3 weeks after signing up as a premium member I made my first commision. I haven't even made it through the first section of the bootcamp and I am making money. The crazy part is all I did is share my link and basically say "check it out" Long story short...They did and very quickly signed up for a starter membership. Not long after that upgraded to a premium membership.

I see value with Wealthy Affiliate and shared it with someone who I thought could benefit from it as well. There are two big factors that make this differently than any other opportunity that I have done in the past. 1. I believe in this product 2. I am making money!

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Jbrentsmith Premium
And boom goes the dynamite!
JoeMag23 Premium
Congrats. I'm sure that is a good feeling. Not there yet, I have this disease called procrastination. Not giving up just frustrated.

Ever Forward,
TommySmith Premium
I hear ya! I battle with the same thing.