Good Behavior gets Rewards at Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: October 21, 2021

Just a short note to say I have made it into the Top 100 Members of Wealthy Affiliate.

This is not me blowing my own trumpet as I know there are many, many more members here in the membership who are worthy of this spot before me but a message to others that achievements can be made with little effort each day.

How did I get here?

It's no secret formula, there is no Black Hat SEO going on here or scheming the system. It's just plain old interacting and helping members with their queries. Going into the platform, answering questions plus welcoming new members and helping out on live chat is all I did.

Does it benefit me to be in the TOP 100?

Some members I see on here are over the moon when they get into the TOP 100 or even better make it as an Ambassador of WA. See Kyles take on it here

and apparently prominent members get rewards by the CEO's.

For me though I'm not really aiming at being at the top. I just had a few minutes each day during lunch time and after work when I was able to sign in and help a few members out with issues setting up and navigating WordPress etc. It seems those few minutes per day had a combined effect as it has raised me up the ranking and today I hit that TOP 100 spot. (98 to be exact).

Bootcamp Referrals Enhancements

One aspect for me now that I am starting to promote WA as a marketer is when one of my referrals sees me close to the top of the membership they may view my process with some confidence and be more inclined to sign's hoping!

So to the WA family, be active each day and your combined efforts will be rewarded.

All the best, Mark

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EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Congrats Mark on reaching the top 100 at WA. I like your way of thinking in making the connection of your rank with the credibility of being qualified to help new referrals you attract to this platform, That was my thoughts exactly when I started moving up.

As long as your main focus is to help others get what they want, you will get what you want.

All the best to you.

tommo1968 Premium Plus
Yes Edwin, helping others achieve their goals is what it is all about.
brichnow21 Premium Plus
Way to go, Mark!
It's more of a personal victory when we get to the top anything, here at WA!
We are taking the action necessary, and gaining knowledge of the process from the many gurus here at WA!
Knowledge and the friendships are the hidden rewards!
See you "at the bottom" Mark! LOL
tommo1968 Premium Plus
No worries there Barbara you Ambassador you.
CrystalGarci Premium
Congrats Mark. Your post has given me quite the insight of what's needed to get a promotion.
I have been trying to keep up with the momentum I've started with. Not really looking to make ambassador in no time , but I just to be sure that my website isn't deamed be Google as obsolete.
Thank you for that great piece of advice it's very helpful.

All the best
brichnow21 Premium Plus
Crystal, we must learn to balance our activities! Taking time for your site is your priority for now!
Enjoy where you are! You're on the right path for YOU!
tommo1968 Premium Plus
Crystal, it's important to spend the bulk of your time on your website in doing so Google will see the content being produced and send some traffic. Only work on WA when you need a break or are finished with your website tasks for the day.
jghwebbrand Premium
Congratulations on your Top 100 Achievement.
Nice going!

You have summed it up very well. To achieve this "It's just plain old interacting and helping members with their queries. Going into the platform, answering questions plus welcoming new members and helping out on live chat."

Like us you are probably learning more along the way too.

It's great to see your contribution.

tommo1968 Premium Plus
Hey guys, thanks for stopping by. As you say learning as we go along, trying to answer some of these questions leaves us searching the platform for a blog post or training and reading through some of the resolves and it gives us more knowledge as we go.
RCanty Premium Plus
That’s great news, Mark! Glad to see that your are keeping it moving. The rewards of acknowledgement on the WA platform are nothing less than awesome. Keep it up.

tommo1968 Premium Plus
Ronnie it's great to get awards for helping.