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Hey guys another quick update on my progress. If you remember I changed the way my website was working last year to go more into Affiliate Marketing. From an initial slow start I eventually was making money by the year end and so I continued the building process to make 2019 bigger and better. I decided to put the money earned into getting content created from my writter which left me time to re-work old posts and make the website easier to navigate and search. So today I have passed my figure
Read this today, could the King of Traffic be about to put the brakes on to the life blood of most blogs? Have you other sources of traffic embedded, if not the time to think outside the box may be critical? I'm sure its all huff and puff but who knows were the markets will take us this year, the next or further down the road. Interested to hear your thoughts on where to place your trust. Update:reworded the title when some thought they were really banning it. My bad, was just letting you guys
Hi Guys,I read recently that 40% of us have ideas but don't follow it up with a plan or a work effort. We come up with a solution to a problem or new way of working but don't have the desire to follow it up. Instead it withers and dies never to appear again. Then we have 40% who are hardworking individuals who don't come up with any ideas but are just happy working diligently on daily tasks. Content to a point but don't make it to that upper level where the financial freedom resides. Lastly the
How it all began;A bit of history for those who don't know me. I originally signed up to WA 8 years ago. I had recently lost my job and was on the look out for income and decided to open an eBay store. I decided to use what I was learning at WA to drive traffic to the store and improve sales. Another curve ball,As things turned out I actually landed another job just 2 days after loosing my last one but as I had already signed up to WA for a month (back then you didn't get the chance to try bef
Hi Guys, received this email from amazon accossiates...Our records indicate that you received payments to a foreign address and we have good news for you. You can now receive your international affiliate earnings via direct deposit to your local bank account. Want to know more?Key Benefits to International Direct Deposit:Fast and easy direct depositNo more checks or Amazon Gift Cards issued for international earningsLimits postal or check clearing delaysGet started by updating your internationa
Some of you will know I have been re-working my website that was originally setup to promote an ebay shop I had. Now since sold. I have been removing the links to the store and changing content to promote products on Amazon. I have also been following Dylans Training to try and get more traffic to the website and over the last few month have been promoting my posts on Pinterest. The first few months were slow as you'd expect then slowly but surely the traffic, CTR's and sales have been increasi
Is it the end of Wealthy Affiliate?How can a platform offer so many options in training and support and not cost a fortune? I have seen other internet marketing platforms offer business making training and web development for monthly costs like $249 or $199 etc. Wealthy Affiliate does it for $49 per month and if you go yearly you only pay $359 and if you sign up on Black Friday its only $299 for a year. Where else would you get this package for $25 per month? What do you get for your $49- $25?
Are you advertising on Facebook? Is it your only means of revenue? If so then you need to start re-thinking how to target your ads better as Mark Zuckerburg is changing the way businesses advertising will be presented to the masses. I don't currently place ads on there but for those of you who do then check out the details here.
Hey guys been working on my website these last few months after I let it go dormant for about 12 months when other projects took my focus. However with a clear desk I started back working it to see where I can take the niche I'm in. As the website was primarily for driving traffic to an ebay store which I had now sold I had the task of re-doing the posts to take traffic to Amazon and other affiliate stores. The site had 80 posts at that time and they all needed revamping. I did a bit of resea
Promoting Wealthy Affiliate has just gotten easier. The platform that is the number one place to work as an affiliate marketer has just become outstanding. Jaaxy the go to keyword tool for many marketers is now under the Wealthy Affiliate roof. You get an idea for a keyword and rather than go off and log in to jaaxy you can search for it right there in the WA dashboard.A Jaaxy Lite Account now FREE with WA!Wealthy Affiliate did have a keyword tool built in and it did a decent enough job for tho