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Last Update: April 03, 2018

I have incorporated videos into my blog posts. I have heard its a good thing to do, to have a written post aswell as video. A lot like the course lessons we are going through on the Bootcamp and the Certification course.

I have put a plan together to try and uupload 5 blog posts a week, including my videos. I'm going to try to keep that up for at least six months, that is a milestone I want to meet. If I can make that, then I will continue with 5 posts a week.

I believe the more content you make whether it written, video or both then the better it will be for me and my customers who I am helping along the way.

My website is so have a look and let me know what you think of the site and my posts.

Speak soon,


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Melissa901 Premium
Sounds like you are incorporating some amazing ideas. Keep it up thinking outside the box is always a plus.
chrisyohn Premium
Hey Tom, I love that you're embedding Youtube videos rather than uploading videos and wasting precious web space on your site.

I skimmed through your post and can tell you as someone who reads a lot of articles on a daily bases, I would like to see more pictures to break up the text a bit.

We are visual creatures by nature. Yes, the Youtube videos are great and all, but as far as reading go, more imagery would do your posts a lot of justice.

Best wishes,
Toml82 Premium
Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply and the really good advice.

I've since went back into my blog posts and added some pics, hopefully they will make the posts more engaging.

I've started following you so it would be great to keep in touch and help each other out, especially as I'm really new. Haha.

Speak soon and all the best,

chrisyohn Premium
Awesome man! I went back in and checked out the visuals, they are certainly better than the straight text from before. I will drop you a couple comments tomorrow or the next day, I will be a bit busy, but I will do it.