Busting 5 Affiliate Marketing Myths.

Last Update: February 26, 2017

Here's a story I just had to share by AJ Arimas,

Busted: 5 Affiliate marketing myths

1. Myth: Affiliate marketing is really easy

As said above, affiliate marketing is not easy money. Do you think all you need is a website and affiliate links? Just like any other type of business, you need to invest time and money in order for it to work. And no, just because you have a website and affiliates to work with, you will not be successful overnight. The biggest challenge for those who are in this business is to develop a website.

Content is key. You need to have the right content that your visitors need and that attracts more visitors. You must consider SEO and proper keywords. You must also have resources to use, such as videos, links, and written content to support your website. Finally, you must also be capable of promoting your materials and content on social media the right way.

2. Myth: Much traffic also means much money

Yes, high traffic helps, but it is not all about that. You do not need to have much traffic for conversion. As long as the traffic to your website is coming from high-quality visitors, your conversation rates will go up. By high-quality visitors, I mean the people your content is aimed at, providing a good match between the readers and the products described and offered.

3. Myth: Affiliate marketing is dead

As the introduction to this blog shows, affiliate marketing is not dead at all! It is just changing and the trend today is a lot different when it was first conceptualized. Newer trends are more restricted and affiliates are now refrained from practicing link-spamming while banner displays are reduced. To me, this sounds like a good thing!

Google’s algorithm is also strict about contents as well as SEO practices and websites who fail to comply with the standards are shifted to the last part of the search results page. Banner ads are restricted simply because they are not compatible with mobile phones these days. The sizes of the images used alone are not as effective as they used to. Today banners are replaced with text links that you can find between blogs you read.

To me, it sounds like affiliate spamming is dead and that affiliate marketing is very much alive.

4. Myth: Your social media posts will automatically get many likes and shares

In order for your posts/content to be shared or liked, you must post something that is engaging. It must attract the attention of others. Writing an original post or curate content can help.

Keep in mind that everything on social media takes time. If you know what to do, consider each post as an investment that will make beneficial returns.

5. Myth: Only a few niches are profitable

All niches are profitable, but how you promote and develop it plays a vital role in the success of your affiliate marketing. In practice, your skills are more important than the niche chosen.

How do you find the right niche? Start with your interests or hobbies. If you know what these are, it is much easier to promote and develop your niche.

I hope this is encouraging to anyone having any doubts about why they joined WA.


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mrkmccllch Premium
Hey Tomas,
Each of the 5 myths above are extremely relevant to what we are trying to accomplish through the help of WA and the community. Thx for posting that, makes me grateful for what we have.

TomasB Premium Plus
Your'e welcome Mark, and thanks for the comment. We do have so much to be grateful for here at WA.