Two Years with Wealthy Affiliate Still Rocks!

Last Update: June 10, 2019

Dear fans and readers,

Two years with Wealthy Affiliate and it still rocks. Although I am not that often online here, that will change in the near future as I am in the porcess of moving my home and offices to another country and that takes a lot of preparation.

It is a huge undertaking I can tell you and I am happy I am hosted with Wealthy Affiliate keeping my websites up and running in the meantime. It is a no brainer to stay member forever, for what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, it is worth every Dollar.

I like to thank Kyle,Carson and Jay for their awesome educational work and what they have build here for us helping us to get all independent.

They Rock!

I like to thank all my followers and friends here at Wealthy Affiliate for your support and the many useful discussions we had.

You Rock!

And off course a thank you to anyone else joining up ranks to be a part of this great community educational platform Wealthy Affiliate is.

I like to thank Cheryl and Kaju for their awesome funnyness, something I won't wanna miss ever. Keep it up my friends. ::))

And thank you to anyone else I may have forgotten.

Let's go for the next year.

ToLiNoLi, Stefan

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jivitajay Premium
Congrats Stephan:)
Mick18 Premium
Congrats on two years. That's wonderful.
I wish you the best with your move.
phakacha8 Premium
Hey ToliNoli@Stefan,
I know you're rocking well and in the right rhythm.
It's been a long time hearing from ya.

Congrats to your 2nd anniversary here at WA.
Every blessing to your online endeavors
phakacha8 Premium
Wola, now congrats on your second year!
Keep rocking all over the world.
AlexEvans Premium
Good to see you Stefan, and congratulations on reaching that milestone.

Looks like you have a huge undertaking on the go, best wishes with the shift.
Cav1966 Premium
Good luck with the move
What country are you landing in?