Writing about myself.

Last Update: January 30, 2018

Does anyone else have this problem? Or did you, back when you were first in WA?

I've purchased my domain, chosen a theme, and www.rovingretirees.org is officially open for business -- Google even indexed it before I was finished with that lesson!

Now, the coursework tells me, its time to write "About Me".... Ugh!

I don't like talking about myself! I think we're trained (I'm sure I was) to be modest, self-effacing, the opposite of showy, flashy. I think I'm procrastinating beginning my next task from a lack of perceived ego. Could it be that simple?

In general, I don't like to write; so what am I doing trying to start a blog on WA, you ask. Well, at age 73 I'm starting to notice (not really for the first time) that much of what I read and experience, TV, radio, books & magazines, seems trivial or trite! "I've already seen that", I'll think. "I've read that before." And most interestingly, "Why isn't anyone talking/writing about this?" So, I see WA as a platform to get some of my own ideas and experiences out there, and to share what I'm thinking and doing right now....

So, back to my original premise: how do you overcome your ingrained reluctance to put yourself out there in order to get that "About Me" page written. What strategy did others of you employ to overcome that shyness? conservatism? embarrassment?

I hope it's not Nike simple: "Just do it!"

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codevonish Premium
Howard is right you are not shy about writing, you are free to write as much as you wish to share; age is not an issue, I am 74.Judging from what you wrote you are just pulling our legs; lol. You are a competent writer; keep writing.
tobocrs Premium
No, no leg-pulling.... Just decided to vent on my current inability to sit down and dash off that "about me" stuff... I say current, 'cause I've only been in WA for 3 days, now, but it's the inertia I'm grappling with, yesterday and this morning... Thanks for the thoughtful (and VERY well written) response!
HarveyBrown Premium
Hello Tim, speaking about you is not really flashy or showy. People who do not know you or are meeting you for the first time online need to trust you. The beginning of that trust is to know a little about you. Two approaches I have used in the past to ease the pain of talking about me are, first to thing I was meeting my wife or partner for the first time what would I tell them about me? The second is how would I answer the question in a job interview “now tell us a bit about yourself.” We have all been through both scenarios. Neither scenario is going to garner any trust if we start to brag.
tobocrs Premium
Thanks, Harvey... My immediate thought is: OMG that was 42 years ago, not just when I first met my wife, but also my last job interview! I don't remember that far back!
I appreciate the insights, though. Glad we're connected here on WA!
HowardJaros Premium
Well Tim, you just did!

Just expand upon what you wrote here and talk about why you started your website. You can always add to it later. It does not have to be a novel at first.
tobocrs Premium
Thanks, Howard, for the on-topic reply: it helps
HowardJaros Premium
You are welcome!!
JeannineC Premium
This is a frequent challenge for folks, so you're totally normal about it.

There are lots of things you can talk about in your About Me page.
Why did you choose this topic?
Why would you be considered an expert on it? If not an expert, share your plan to become one?
Share a little history about what brought you here - family, past work, when did you retire, always loved to travel......

Think of this as having a conversation with a new friend. You're excited to tell them what you are planning to do and why. As you share your story, you'll find that it becomes easier to create this page. Before you know it, it's done!

FYI, this is one of the most frequently visited pages on any site, so making it fun and conversational yet interesting is an important task. You can do it!