I saw the Blue Bloody Super Moon!

Last Update: January 31, 2018

(but I cheated!)

When I got up at 2:45am, local (Mountain) time, the moon looked just like it had when I went to bed. Beautiful, true, but neither large, blue or bloody.

So, I went downstairs, got comfy in my easy chair and tuned the TV to the NASA channel: There it was! Our big, beautiful FULL moon! Filled the screen, no binoculars or telescope needed.
I settled in for the long haul, draped the afghan over my legs, decided I would go outside only when the moon was fully eclipsed, and.....

....fell asleep!

Fortunately, I had hit the "Record" button as soon as I got downstairs, thinking my sleeping wife could also participate and still get her much-needed sleep. What a nice guy, right?

So, is there a message here for our participation in WA? I think there may be. Maybe not new, not profound, not unique, but still a couple of things we need to keep reminding ourselves:

1) Prepare! In this case, it was the alarm set for the reported onset of the eclipse, modified to fit our local time.In concrete terms, do all those things that get you ready to do the best writing of your career, whatever those things might be for you.

2) Overcome! I sure didn't feel like getting up a mere 4 hours after I finally went to bed last night. But I told myself this was an opportunity never to be repeated, at least in my lifetime, so just do it! The spillover lesson here is to just get at it, and write! There are hundreds, maybe thousands of posts here relating to overcoming procrastination; find them, try them until you find the one or two that get you going, and employ them on a consistent basis.

3) Use technology! If we didn't have a DVR, didn't subscribe to NASA's online presence, I would have totally missed that lifetime opportunity. For our writing, we have lots of electronic assistance available. Personally, I use word processors and note takers to keep outlines and future writing concepts, naturally I'm using my high-speed internet connection as I write this, but there are many other helps we can employ.I still anticipate the promised pleasure of using Site Content, once I reach that point in my training.

OK, not profound, not original, but useful to remember, and to remind ourselves from time to time.....

Just keep writing!

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Fleeky Premium Plus
Saw the brightness the day before
That also was awesome

Next day, very cloudy
Great shining through
Flash4 Premium
Hi Tobocre,
I cheated too, watched on TV in the morning, although it was over caste last night anyway.
I'm disappointed that the moon didn't do a "turn around" and show us her back side.... as if.... never going to happen, strange thing
though that moon, doesn't act like other moons.
Cheers Jae
tobocrs Premium
Thanks, Jae.... In our imaginations, it can! That's why we read, and write, right?
Palymar Premium
Your are absolutely right. You can't cross a room if you don't take the first step. Thanks for the inspiration to keep pressing forward.
tobocrs Premium
If I didn't need the inspiration so much myself, I probably wouldn't have written it!