Afraid You're Going to Fail?

Last Update: February 24, 2015

A thought that's run through my mind a couple of times as I go through the training is .."I wonder if I can really do this?"

Sometimes there's just so much new information that you're brain seems like it's going to burst. It can be overwhelming and at least with me it has led to an occasional doubt and fear of failure.

I don't want to fail ... I want to succeed!

So I've had to remind myself of a quote I ran across a while back that I've put on a sticky note and posted to my computer. It simply says:


The truth is - "Failure" is about learning. We can't learn until we learn by our mistakes!

Edison experienced a thousand "failures" in order to discover the light bulb. Babe Ruth had thousands of strike-outs on the road to becoming one of the greatest hitters baseball has ever known.

I guess the lesson to be learned here is --- Be excited to Fail!! It means you are closer to Success!

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Debbi26 Premium
So true!
Christabelle Premium
Great post and I really like your closing line! :)
MsDebbie Premium
Failure is one step closer to finding the solution!
AndyUno1 Premium
Failure can be a difficult thing to overcome. I think that is why so many people do not pursue their dreams. The fear of failure paralyzes so many people and keeps them from the life they want.

I know that I was scared of falling for many years but then I realized that each failure was a learning opportunity and it totally changed my mindset. I now view each activity as an opportunity. These activities can be monetary opportunities or learning opportunities, but I try to never let the fear of failure paralyze me from taking a chance.

Great post!
floridajf Premium
So true, it's so funny though, because when I fail at something, I get completely beat up about and it and even consider quitting. Even if I get stuck on something that is so easy to fix, I find myself getting frustrated simply because I sometimes let my mind get the best of me. I feel like a lot of people have the same issue as well when it comes to failure. People know it's there and want to never see ever in their lives, but chances are that they will. Everyone has experienced some sort of failure in their lives. Really liked this post :D
margothall Premium
I sort of feel the same but I know I just have to give it more time!!