I used to be one of those Monday haters!

Last Update: March 06, 2017

I heard on the radio this morning that if you hate Mondays, you literally hate 1/7th of your whole life. Wow! I used to be one of those Monday haters... in fact one week ago today I was one of those Monday haters! I knew there were things I wanted to do with my life and there was no shortage in motivation to get them done either! What I was missing was figuring out what I wanted to do and finding a community of people who could help me get there with the hard work and dedication I was willing to put into it.

Enter Wealthy Affiliate...

I joined the community on Saturday...yes as in three days ago! However, I woke up on this Monday, and I did not hate it. I did not hit snooze a dozen times. I did not trade breakfast for an extra 20 min of sleep, and I did not dial my work number while thinking of all the excuses I could use to call in today and skip Monday all together.

I am only on lesson 6 of my training, but today, I didn't hate Monday. I am not rich yet, this program did not make me millions in the two days since I signed up. What it did do was give me tools, training, and community. It gave me the faith again that if I was willing to work my butt off, I can be successful just as I had hoped. I didn't realize I had lost that hope until I found it again!

I used to be one of those Monday haters,but not today! Today I am so ready to work hard, dedicate my time and energy, and find that success that I have been looking for and working so hard to achieve!

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MelaniLukito Premium
Congrats to your mindset changing.
graveltruck Premium
awesome post
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Agreed, for me any weekday is a weekend and any weekend is more of a mix lol.
TKCeja Premium
Agreed!! Feels so good right???
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Oh yeah!