Taronga Zoo Australia

Last Update: May 10, 2019

Taronga Zoo was one of the first places i visited on my trip to Sydney Australia .

It is only a short ferry ride to the other side of Sydney harbour and you also get to see some spectacular scenery on your journey , for example the sydney opera house .

Once you arrive at Taronga Zoo your given a choice , either walk uphill to the entrance or take an overhead tram ride .

Think i know which one im taking ... the scenery & view from the overhead tram was amazing.
Enter the zoo ... once your at the zoo starting point you get given a map and it’s like a safari trek with a few different ways to embark on . It’s well sign posted so getting lost shouldn’t be an option .

One thing i really liked about Taronga Zoo is that in every other zoo ive visited it’s obvious that the animals are put into enclosures that are custom made for them , but at Taronga Zoo it really looks like the animals are in their natural habitat and safety zones & walkways have been made around the animals .

There is so much to see and do at Taronga Zoo so if you do ever visit make sure you dedicate a whole day to the cause . I think the number stated was over 4000 animals were at the zoo.

Another great feature was the shows which were on at the zoo , for example the bird show or the sea life show . These take place at certain times and you have to read the program and get there in time to get in as the que’s can be long .

I got to see the bird show and it was spectacular, different birds came flying out and did exactly as the keepers wanted them to . It was truly amazing . We all sat around in an open arena and the birds flew around us performing certain tasks .

It really is a great place to visit , children aswel as adults absolutely love it here as it was quite evident. Next time im in Sydney id definately visit Taronga zoo again.

Please leave any comments below i would love to hear from you.


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tbowyer Premium
Hi TJ.

I notice that you have returned. Did you have a great time? I hope so.

Did you see the dreadful gimpie gimpie tree? Did you near the free-ranging brown snake? Did you toy with a deadly red spider? Did you caress the belly of an alligator? Did you narrowly escape the attentions of a great white? Lastly did you pee onto the leg of a friend who had been stung by a jellyfish?

Tell! Speak of your manifold adventures and regale us with tales wondrous (and not necessarily true 😉).

Welcome back.

WMarshall1 Premium
Well that would be an experience for you. It would be so cool to ride the tram. I am so glad to hear you are enjoying your adventure to Australia.
tjkhan1 Premium
It’s been a real eye opener
Thoroughly enjoyed my time in Australia
LLettau1 Premium Plus
I just visited the Houston Zoo on Monday with my grandchildren and daughter. It was an adventure.
tjkhan1 Premium
Houston zoo sounds amazing ... you should post up a few pics 👍
Scwebu Premium
It really looks like a great place to visit. What type of accommodation can you recommend?
tjkhan1 Premium
id recommend staying at a hotel in Sydney as the zoo is only a short ferry ride from Sydney harbour
Scwebu Premium
Thank you