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It's finally happened , to my suprise today i found myself ranking number 1 on Yahoo. Still no sign of any Google ranking yet ,but im sure it will start to happen soon. It's a wake-up call for me as finding inspiration to continue building my site has been difficult, im still yet to see a single dollar generated from my site. so it's a lesson learnt , not to give up so easily and you have to continue slowly but surely building out your content on your site.Being ranked above some of the biggest
Since ive got back from my holiday ive found it a bit tough to get back into the WA way of life. Trying to sit down and start planning and writting a post has been difficult. So i thought id take a quick sneak peak at my website rankings as the time before i was nowhere to be seen on all platforms google yahoo & bing.what a pleasant suprise i was now ranked on the first page of Yahoo & Bing and in positions 3 & 4 !!!IN THE MOOD AGAIN ... so here we go again with a fresh found source
May 10, 2019
Taronga Zoo was one of the first places i visited on my trip to Sydney Australia .It is only a short ferry ride to the other side of Sydney harbour and you also get to see some spectacular scenery on your journey , for example the sydney opera house .Once you arrive at Taronga Zoo your given a choice , either walk uphill to the entrance or take an overhead tram ride .Think i know which one im taking ... the scenery & view from the overhead tram was amazing.Enter the zoo ... once your at the
Everyone that follows me will know that i have been going on about my trip to Australia ... well it’s finally happened , after travelling for about 24 hours i have finally reached the promised land, Sydney .Staying in the city means it’s really busy , almost like the city never sleeps but to my suprise the shops close fairly early compared to back home in the uk . Central Station ... as you enter the grand station you immediately notice the victorian feel and theme , i don’t
April 21, 2019
Hi everyone, it’s time for my family trip to Sydney Australia . It’s mid April and I thought it would be a good idea to blog the whole trip , or atleast some of it . Leaving home early morning 4am to catch an Etihad airways flight wasn’t an easy task with an 8year old (my grandson who is also featured on my website & thinks he’s a superstar now).www.boystracksuits.netIt was an Etihad Airways Airbus A380 , a monster of an aeroplane . Plenty of room even in economy cla
Im sure many of you have gone through this where you take a quick peak at your website stat’s. It can be disheartening when the numbers are low , and at this early stage they are bound to be on the low side. I just took a look at my website stats and this is what I found.The numbers didn’t worry me as the site is only three week old but where the traffic was coming from really was an eye opener. It’s always good to know where the traffic is coming from & to see which platf
April 04, 2019
After my last blog My Bitcoin Journey i went to bed pleased with myself as I had made a small fortune on bitcoin only to wake up to some more good news. First thing I do these days when I wake up is jump straight onto Wealth Affiliate, and to my surprise I was now ranked in the top 200, and also I had got my first commission from Amazon £4.50 to be exact. Well I wasn’t expecting any money to be made just yet as I had resigned myself to thinking it’s going to be at least 6 mont
April 03, 2019
To say I’m excited is an understatement, let me tell you why in this short blog.On the 1st December 2018 I decided I wanted to buy into bitcoin, yes I know people have mixed feelings about crypto currencies, but I had got so fed up of all the get rich internet schemes at the time that I just had to try it out.I did a little bit of research (as you do) , and started off by setting up my account and making my first purchase into bitcoin with just £10 . As you probably have guessed I w
Alongside the WA training and working on building up my website , I have kept an eye on my stats page. Needless to say it has been some what of a distraction, as the numbers get you excited but still no financial gain. I’m sure most of you guys that have been on WA much longer than me will have gone through this and it would be interesting to know how it played out for you guys. I have posted a screenshot below of my latest stats , any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
April 01, 2019
Since joining WA about two weeks ago , one thing I have to admit is that I’ve really enjoyed the experience so far. There is so much to get stuck into , from the writing to the whole social media aspect and the opportunity to be a WA affiliate. Personally I’ve been caught up between the two. That’s building my website & trying to get WA referral’s . So far the website is coming on a treat ,yes I need to add a lot more content but I have no do