First Day In Sydney Australia

Last Update: April 24, 2019

Everyone that follows me will know that i have been going on about my trip to Australia ... well it’s finally happened , after travelling for about 24 hours i have finally reached the promised land, Sydney .

Staying in the city means it’s really busy , almost like the city never sleeps but to my suprise the shops close fairly early compared to back home in the uk .

Central Station ... as you enter the grand station you immediately notice the victorian feel and theme , i don’t travel on trains at all so it was more of a case of just following instructions . I was off to Sydney Harbour .

Sydney Harbour ... was the first place i visited , it was truly amazing .

The cafe’s and shop’s all along the seafront and the different boats docked at the harbour made for splendid viewing .

There was this one cruise ship which had docked at the harbour and was just an amazing sight .

You also had passenger ferry’s coming and going from the harbour transporting passengers to the other side , taronga zoo and other bays .

Botanical Gardens ... just a short walk and right by the Sydney Opera House is another great place to see flowers and plants .

It was time to board the ferry and take a trip to the famous Taronga Zoo .

I have added a few short youtube clips (please subscribe to my YouTube channel also) , and would love to hear from anyone reading this blog .

All photos and videos featured in this blog were taken by myself .

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SharonHowie1 Premium
Wow. Looks likely r having a great time. My brother lives in Sydney. Can't wait to visit!!!
Wdcope Premium
My brother lives in New Plymouth, New Zealand and will be traveling to Australia after we visit him around Christmas, so I am looking forward to it.
Looks beautiful!
tjkhan1 Premium
That’s great ... me & the mrs were thinking of taking a trip to New Zealand but times just flying by here in Sydney ... look out for my next blog all about the great walk from coogee beach to bondi beach ...
wishing you all the best on your future trip
JeannineC Premium
Does that restaurant overlooking the harbor still have the revolving restaurant on the top floor? If so, DO IT! So fun.

I was in Australia many years ago. I won a trip there on the Wheel of Fortune game show.
tjkhan1 Premium
Hi ... i will certainly look out for it as im sure i’ll be going back to the harbour before i leave ... just been told by my daughter who’s at sydney university here that it still does exist ... 👍
MichaelA74 Premium
Welcome to Australia mate, I;m sure you will have an awesome time.
tjkhan1 Premium
Thanks ... so far so good 👍
Kerjackie Premium
Look like you're having fun in Sidney, the pictures show beautiful places to visit, I've never been there, I wish you a wonderful time there.
tjkhan1 Premium
It’s a great place ... to much to see and do ... only have 2 weeks so will try and pack in as much as possible ...