Irma's Wrath

Last Update: September 08, 2017

I'm in NC and already feeling the barometric pressure changes from Hurricane Irma; my head is splitting!

There is so much destruction going on in the world today....all the wildfires on the West coast, Hurricane Harvey in the South, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Jose, and another one behind him (L); Mexico had the horrifying 8.1 earthquake with tsunamis on lower south and Hurricane Katia coming in on the same region from their NE.

What Hurricane Irma did not take out, Hurricane Jose is going to finish as it was upgraded to a Cat 4 today and taking the same path. This is total annihialation of life and property of catastrophic measures.

We do know that Florida will most likely be wiped off the planet if it continues to trek as is but no matter where she strikes, Hurricane Irma will be completely devastating.

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, I worked for a fire department and volunteered with another one during Hurricane Hugo. Also, I was very active with American Red Cross around the time of Hurricane Katrina. My heart goes out to all the first responders, emergency management, and volunteers who are and will be continuing the journey to help with all these--I would love to be right there with them but my seizure activity and other health issues will not allow it, but my prayers are with them all.

For all my friends who live aboard their vessels, please be safe; if I still had my 26'er I would be right there riding it out too! I miss those days.

For all the others reading this who are in the path, or have loved ones in the path being affected, God Be With You All. You are all in my prayers.




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AppleofGold Premium
So sorry to hear that your loved ones are running from this current danger! How will they begin again? Please keep us posted, MoonRaven. Are the ones living on boats finding a safe harbor?

Tjennings122 Premium
Hey Lynne,
I will keep posting. A lot are abandoning their boats but others are staying onboard. If I still had mine...I would hope to stay onboard as I was on ICW in SC so it was safer.

Before, when TS's and hurricanes came through my girl done fabulous--other boats were messed up a bit and took a hammering thinking they were so big they would not have a problem. I had God on my side and in my heart. That's why I was safe. The others kicked me off their large boats telling me to whether the storm on my own with my little dog...we did. After the storms they said they wish they would have been on my vessel--Attitude and Faith is Everything!~ It did not change their view toward me of how they acted but I didn't need the negativity.

Mind you, this was blood relatives and their friends. Not that many you encounter on the water like that--there are some really good seamen out there and I have met some.

Just keep them all in prayers!

wgilleo Premium
Also praying for all in Fla. Have a lot of family there.I was in hurricane Andrew, Irma going to make that one look like it was never there.Once again pray for all that's there.
Tjennings122 Premium
Wow, glad you are here with us after H. Andrew! Irma and Jose are really going to "erase" land. Like the sinking of Atlantis all over again. Stay safe my friend. Prayers for all affected.
TammiP Premium
Fantastic post, heart warming story.

What a beautiful soul you are! Praying for everybody who is on Irma's way, hope they all evacuate promptly cause everything can be rebuild except human life.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Good Bless those in the line of Irma, I hope they will evacuate as property can be replaced but lives cannot. My heartfelt prayers go out, and thank you for providing this thoughtful post Tammy.
Tjennings122 Premium
Thanks for taking time to read it. Just my feelings currently. I left a part out as I did not know how it would go over but being a newly ordained minister I would love to be there to be beside others as they go back to whatever is left and hold their hands and pray...but I just have to hold them in my heart and pray here at home, hoping we don't get too much from her either. Be safe.