Payoneer and CJ

Last Update: June 28, 2021

After struggling with Payoneer since about the 9th of this month, today being the 28th, I thought it a good idea to share some comments.

I had never heard of Payoneer until shortly after signing up with WA. (coincidental) As I had read that they were a system that could ease the payments and transfer of funds and as they advertised themselves as a borderless banking system I decided to sign up. After all, they said that having their service would allow one to send and receive payments no matter where you resided or even, and this was the enticing part, didn't stay in a permanent location.

My idea of borderless and theirs however is not the same.
My problem with registering began when they sent me an email saying that my 'shipping' address was not the same as the address on my govt issued ID. I had used my CAN driver license and my Thai home address.

So, I sent them a copy of my Thai driver license, and they then told me that they also needed a copy of my bank statement showing my home address and date and name. So I sent them that as well.

They have communicated with me, somewhat sporadically, but nonetheless, they did send emails.
The concern, as far as I can gather from their contacts with me has to do with me being a CAN and while living outside of Canada.

This I have explained to them and have offered to supply them with whatever info I can to resolve the issue. Each email they promise to sort it out in about 3 days.

I am beginning to think that I will not be approved in the end. And that is okay, there are other ways to handle funds.

But I want to share this with anybody who may plan on using Payoneer to give a few words of advice. I hope the following helps.
1}If you are like me, living somewhere other than you homeland, make every effort to supply info that is limited to your homeland. Forget the 'we are borderless' ad claims, it isn't quite up to claim.
2) When you get to the section where you are given the choice of a Payoneer credit card or setting up banking info, know this, that once you make the choice, you may not be able to do the other later. I chose a cc and after all the trouble trying to get one approved decided to just let it go and use that banking option. But that option has been greyed out; not selectable. It may be that you can add a bank set up after approved for a card, or the other way around. I don't know.
3) If you are living as an expat, and you do decide to use your foreign residence for a card delivery (how else would you get a card?) then have everything ready in advance. Payoneer will want some form of govt issued ID, a copy of your rental agreement, and a bank statement with up to date info.
Not having them ready may just add to the delay.

Another issue that I have struggled with is CJ, or Commsion Junction. CJ has proven to be pretty much nothing but an automated system. I have been unable to register my bank's routing code. I have double and triple checked for error. I have tried upper and lower case combos, yet I get " You have used an invalid routing number"

This is the routing number I have used for around 5 years, about tow or three times each month. So I am pretty certain that it is valid.

I have submitted a trouble ticket and got an auto reply. Three times. The auto reply tells me all the details that I can find in their FAQ, and if I still can't fix it (myself) please reply to the email.

I have replied and received no follow up.

I am walking away, there are many, many other networks out there to work with and not have to deal with this.

My suggestion to anybody is to not waste time with them.

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Newme202 Premium
I'm so sorry about your recent issues with Payoneer.
I've seen them around bit I never felt or trusted to use them

I still feel comfortable with PayPal especially since I've been with them for many years

Hoping your issues are now resolved
TiredCobra Premium

Yes, I have an old paypal that is only set to personal at this time but it is a matter of just logging in and making a few changes to a business account, at least that is the theory.

Nope. No resolutions yet. I am resigned to idea that Payoneer is a lost cause and CJ has no humans rowing their boat. But that is okay, as a short time on the internet yesterday, maybe an hour at most, yielded dozens of network options and thousands of interesting businesses that are niche related and run affiliate programs.

CJ isn't the only show in town.

Newme202 Premium
No it definitely isn't
Hope it fer sorted soon
CountessCtry Premium
Thank you.
I appreciate your thoughts.