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Good DayI just finished watching a video on YouTube that was by that title.The video is a recording of one Larry McEnerney in lecture, live, with a small audience. Mr. MCEnerney was at the time, director of the Writing Dept at the University of Chicago. Among other things he taught other professionals and authorities in their own fields on successful writing. The full title of the video, should you try to find it is:LEADERSHIP LAB: The Craft of writing Effectively, UChicago Social Sciences, 26t
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July 28, 2021
I just had to share this with all of you. My wife and I were looking at trying some differrent variety of rice and I spotted this and well, I had to show you. ! My wife says there is no word in Thai that would equate to 'niche' and I have no idea why they picked that. It cracks me up though. If there is a place on anyones page or next post, feel free to use. RobertPS, they have a rice here, a deep red-wine color, called raspberry rice. Delicious. ------------------------PPS Because we are only
July 27, 2021
I was looking at my stats today and a few thoughts occurred to me that I wish to share. I don't want this to be discouraging, but on the contrary, to be an encouragement and a bit of a push. Years ago I started a 'run from my home' service business. I started with literally nothing in the bank. NOTHING, ZIP, EMPTY. I had just lost my job and my wife asked, "why don't we start our own?" Well, the long story is too long for here, but the most important thing of the long version is that my wife
July 22, 2021
So this is my homework. I have been on this program for a couple months. I think I joined at the last week of May? Anyway, it has been a full experience.I am indeed learning a lot, to the point of confusion some days, but I suppose that is to be expected when entering into something where you have no experience. Now, I say 'no experience' but that may not be entirely true. I have some experience in the area of story telling and of writing. And those skills, amateur level as they are, have carri
July 19, 2021
HII just wanted to mention something that I hope is beneficial to you, especially the newcomers like myself. I have been struggling, sort of successfully, but still struggling with learning my way around the block editor feature in WordPress. So when I saw a button that linked me to a Wordpress training page on block editing, I JUMPED ON IT !!Now those of you who know it, no big deal. But of those who don't like myself, I strongly recommend reading through it. To give you an idea of its value,
June 28, 2021
After struggling with Payoneer since about the 9th of this month, today being the 28th, I thought it a good idea to share some comments. I had never heard of Payoneer until shortly after signing up with WA. (coincidental) As I had read that they were a system that could ease the payments and transfer of funds and as they advertised themselves as a borderless banking system I decided to sign up. After all, they said that having their service would allow one to send and receive payments no matter
June 12, 2021
While researching for a new post I came across this page on the Stanford Libraries page about Copyright and Fair Use. I am not going to do a blog here on it, I just thought it is something you may want to check out. It is not very long and will take a couple of minutes but worth the time. Very concise and clear. Not 'legalese'.
HelloI am Robert and I have come to the end of the level two training. This blog is part of the homework. The picture above kind of represents my first days here. I hated WordPress ten years ago and when I began setting up my first website here, I felt like that kid looks. ha haThankfully that is much, much less the case. I am becoming a little more capable inside the WP back office, though I feel that I am a long way from proficient and far from confident. However, I am indeed learning. But I
June 03, 2021
I have only posted a couple of blogs. (Or is it 'blogged a couple of posts'?) And of course did the research for those.So I have not spent a great deal of time on the research in reality.But in the limited amount of research I have done I have been taken by surprise at the amount of 'original' unique content that I have obsserved across sites and other blogs. I have seen, in the short time a surprising amount of duplicate documentation that people are passing off as their own. There is much to
June 02, 2021
What makes you an expertI began my research for my second (only) content rich post. Due to my being wide awake at midnite, I began my research just after 00:15 and haven't quite decided yet how much more to do. But something occured to me at around the two hour mark. It just kind of popped into my head. Perhaps it was rolling around in the back room of my brain somewhere unbeknownst to myself, but regardless,, there it was; this idea, this thought. It brought me some encouragement.. How much is