Time to Take More Control

Last Update: November 19, 2016

I work in the real estate industry and I've scaled my life to a respectable middle-class suburban landscape. I grew up in Baltimore and wanted far better for my daughter. Since 2002, real estate has seen its ups and downs. At one point I made VERY good money. At this point, I make descent money, but it doesn't fully support the life I built. More concerning, I'd hate to loose any more money-making ability from one more negative real estate movement. I need to have more control over the finances I bring into my home. I'll increase my feeling of security if I have a revenue stream outside of real estate, and I'm prepared to do the work to make that happen.

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Mhangami Premium
Thank you
MikeMartin1 Premium
You have a good attitude, and a great reason to make it big with internet marketing. Many people do so well here that it becomes their only job.

That is my goal.

All the best,
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