Last Update: May 18, 2018

Here I am waking up after 3 long days with migraines of trying to set one page up totally exhausted. I was working on the landing page, which I didnt realize that should be done. I guess you learn, Right! Everytime I thought that it was complete and pressed review, it would totally disappear or parts of it would. You dont know how frustrated I was to the point I wanted to give it up and close my account here at WA. I was Not Giving Up until it was done no matter how upset I got or how many hours it took.

If you are thinking about quiting or just feel like throwing your computer across the room, DONT GIVE UP!. Take some time away from it and try again. Keep your head up. You Will Get There! I hope Everyone has a Wonderful Day or Night no matter where you are:)


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marmar463 Premium
By getting away from work for a day or two and just relax will clear your head and get things into perspective for you. Never give up no matter what get the thought out of your head. That is not in our vocabulary. I hope this helps.
bdcullers Premium
Sometimes getting away from a goal is the only way to reach it.
WendaSue Premium
Keep on keeping on Tina. Good job. I hope you get to feeling lots and lots better. No more migraine headaches!!!
JerryMcCoy Premium
Perserverance is one of the keys to success.
XavierTapia Premium
Keep going Tina and you are not alone, sometimes same thing happens to me. Your words inspires me to keep up and never quit cause success is around the corner for those who persevere.

Thanks for sharing.