4 Ways to Monetize your WA Websites

Last Update: February 06, 2017

Now that you already have that website up and running, the next thing you want to do is to profit from it, right? After all, what's the sense of having a website and paying for it to become live when nothing happens.

I know you have your own ideas to monetize your site, but right now I just wanted to share the most common things you could do on your websites so you could come up with something useful for it.


This is what Certification Courses will teach us to do and also, the main focus of Wealthy Affiliate, learning the techniques how to become an effective affiliate marketer.

By using affiliate services from Amazon and thousands of companies that offers affiliate programs, you are guaranteed to profit from it, just make sure you follow the steps given by Kyle at the Certification Courses.


You can also turn your website into an online store. Yes, you can do it here at Wealthy Affiliate. And when you have an ecommerce store, SSL is a must for google, which is free to use here at WA, while other domain registration companies will charge you additional fees for that.

You can sell either physical products or downloadable digital products, whichever you want or you can sell both.

The difference between affiliate marketing and selling products within your own website is that, in affiliate marketing, you will get commission for every product you sold on your affiliated company, while with selling physical products on your own online store, you will earn 100% profit from it, but you have to take care of the inventories, refunds and shipping of your products to your customers.

Selling digital products are great but you need to take care of the legalities of digital products you sell online.


Next, you can also sell your services through your website.

How to do that? By becoming an authority site through giving tutorials, advices and information to your readers for free, you can win clients from all over the world that will trust you and will need your services online.

You can become your clients' consultant on your specific specialty.

You can build a membership website on this kind of business. Let's say you are health and fitness trainer, by creating courses for your readers, they can become your members for a certain monthly fee and have access on your exercise videos, diet food recipes, programs, coaching, etc.

And yes, you can still do that at SiteRubix, you just need to learn how.


I suggest that you do not use this kind of business if your website has its own products and services to sell. It might conflict your prospect clients or buyers on the ads appearing on your website and lost your sale for the sake of little profits from their clicks.

You may use this if your site offers general information to the public like current news, events, trending about politics, showbiz, technology, etc. People are looking for current happenings and what's trending, and having a site like this could profit from advertising revenues like google ads.

So, these are my ideas on how you could monetize your websites after creating it. Hope these ideas might help you come up with what you want to do on your website or what kind of website you want to build.

With 25 websites you can create here at WA as a Premium member, you can create all these kind of website business I have given you.

Suppose you have created these 4 kinds of websites here at Wealthy Affiliate and assuming that each might earn a minimum of $1 a day, then you could earn $4 a day, right? And be able to generate $120 for a month (30 days) from $1 earning per website.

That's very low and I believe you can earn more than this. What if each website will generate $10 a day? You will earn $40 a day for these 4 websites and make $1,200 a month.

And what's good is that you only pay $49 a month for these websites, plus the training you need, and helpful community. Isn't these exciting?

So, 25 less 4 websites equals 21. You still have 21 websites on your accout, and what you can do with it to become money?

Guess what?

You can sell them to other people.

How? Will they need to access your WA account to login to their WordPress websites you have created for them? Of course not, they can still access their WordPress websites by logging in directly to WordPress URL login page. Isn't that great?

Here's a tutorial I created on how to login manually to WordPress dashboard. https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/learn-the...

So, that's all and hope this will help you gather ideas to monetize your websites at Wealthy Affiliate, and motivate you to become successful online.

See, you don't need referrals at WA just to become successful, all you need is to become creative.

Have a great day!

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