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Even though I was quite away from Wealthy Affiliate for a few months, I was still able to get my earnings from it. Yesterday, I was able to withdraw it from my Paypal account since Wealthy Affiliate never fails to send the earnings every 1st of the month. Thanks, Wealthy Affiliate family.I earned through my referrals and from the credits earned from the training I just made. Thank you guys for the support!But, is the $49 membership a month really worth your money here at WA?If we are to breakdo
It's been months that I was inactive here at WA. I was close to Rank 500 and now I'm on Rank 13,000 for not so being active for 3 months already. Now, I'm back. I got plans ahead and got more time to make it all done. Though I sometimes visit here once in a while, I never did anything that much.First, I would like to share with you some things happened on me during the past months that I was out of WA. The only problem seems to be for not doing my website projects completely and finish the cour
May 30, 2017
I have no plans of leaving Wealthy Affiliate, I'm still in this business but it's just I have lot of things to take care of and smooth out so I can go back completely with my websites. When I get back, I promise to make my websites better and simpler. I will create better training here to share with all the members and to my referrals as well.I promise to finish the courses before I continue my 2nd year annual subscription by November of 2017.I missed replying comments and answering questions t
I just finished a video series from one of our fellow members here at WA - Lunatrix (Nancy is her real name). The children's picture above is what I felt while I'm watching it, as happy as they areI appreciate how much time and effort she put into that series which I'm sure will help all members of WA. That video tutorial is very useful not only for the beginners, but also for advanced users. Her video series is not only educational but also entertaining, it's really worth watching and worth sh
February 25, 2017
Hello guys! It's been a while since I've been here, I was sick maybe due to the weather this early quarter of the year and became busy with other stuff around my work.Anyway, I'm just happy to share with you that I have created a website for my son. Yes, my 10-year old son already have his own website through WA. Good thing about WA as a premium member is that we are given 25 domain name websites to host. I gave one slot for my 10-year old son, bought a domain name and build his very own first
February 11, 2017
While I'm browsing the internet, I saw some options on a website I am signing-up to that asked me what kind of website do I have.From these options, I think those could be great niche ideas which a website can become and thought of sharing it to all of you here especially the beginners who are battling to take what kind of niche they can use.So, here's the list:AUTOMOTIVEcar buyingcar insurancecar loanscar rentals driver's training and serviceselectronics and entertainmentparts and accessoriesB
Have you ever experienced to be a failure once? twice? always??? We'll you're not alone! Everybody fails even the most successful people failed.How many times successful peoplefailed?I think the only difference between successful people and losers, is that successful people failed, but keeps on going until success is achieved no matter how many times they have failed. Losers quit even if they have failed only once, then never tried anymore again.So, no matter how many times you have failed to
Now that you already have that website up and running, the next thing you want to do is to profit from it, right? After all, what's the sense of having a website and paying for it to become live when nothing happens.I know you have your own ideas to monetize your site, but right now I just wanted to share the most common things you could do on your websites so you could come up with something useful for it.1. AFFILIATE MARKETINGThis is what Certification Courses will teach us to do and also, th
I just want to share with you the first training I have created here at Wealthy Affiliate. It's a complete compilation of all the basic knowledge you need to learn about WordPress. I already have this tutorial on my website but I intend also to make it as a training here to share as well with the newbies and anyone who has zero knowledge about WordPress.Hope you will take a look and visit this training and find it very helpful.Learn the Basics of WordPress TrainingLessons included on this train
February 02, 2017
I just want to share this inspiring quote from a finance guru, Robert Kiyosaki.Why cut the expenses??? it's like cutting our happiness. Why not just grow our income, it's like adding happiness into our lives, right?Let's create our streams of income online with the help of WA training and of this wonderful community. As a premium member, we are entitled to create 25 websites for domain name and 25 for sub-domain names. Let's use everything we can use here to generate money to follow our dreams