A World Of Undescribable Opportunities

Last Update: July 26, 2018

The world in which we are living is an opportunity galore.

But if many people are not taking advantage of them, it's because opportunities are always in a disguise and thus, they often appear in the form of a threat or a great danger.

Therefore, who is qualified to benefit from such opportunities?


  1. Have eyes that seek and hunt for problems to solve
  2. Have Courage to face opportunities
  3. Fearlessness
  4. Boldness
  5. Have a do-or-die spirit


He's native of the Republic of Mali and migrated to France where since 2013, he's been living in Paris without no legal documents.

But one good Wednesday of May 30th 2018 in around 10Am ; he met with his destiny and he fearlessly confronted it and he triumphed!

Mamadou Gassama saw a little child hanging from a four story building glass fence while he was playing the Superman's game in the balcony of their apartment.

Gassama didn't wait for firemen to come, neither did he look for a ladder to use. He heroically climbed up the four story building in less than 10 minutes and saved the small boy!

That unusual rescue went viral worldwide, up till reaching political leaders and many world super stars as well.

As a reward, Gassama was invited one on one by France President Emmanuel Macron who promised to give him the soonest France citizenship. And also, the national fire force proposed him a volunteering job opportunity within their corporation.

Many celebrities such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Zinedine Zadane, Samuel Eto'o and many more rewarded Mamadou Gassama.

Going back to his own country, after being invited by the Mali President of Republic, Gassama was welcomed as a VIP.


Mamadou Gassama became famous overnight because he dared the impossible and for sure, he received divine backing, because there's a God who always works behind the scene to assist the courageous ones irrespective of their religious background.

Today, the world of celebrities has fallen in love with a young boy of 22 years old.

Our world is so chocked and so sick because of striking challenges to the point that he's ready to pamper those among us who would risk their lives to become solution givers and problem solvers.

Let's therefore strive to figure among that short list of people because only such are awaited to be celebrated and to be greatly rewarded just like Mamadou.

As long as this world continues to exist, there'll always be enough room for successful men and women. And those who are such crazy enough to face danger for their own sake and most importantly for the sake of others don't always perish.

You'll never perish trying to do good in your life, so let's wake up!

Our major enemy who's been robbing us from so many blessings in this life is FEAR.

May we therefore receive divine ability right now to overcome our fear!

Some people can be gifted and super talented but fear won't allow them to step out for their greatness.

Let me tell you, my name is Boaz Ethan N'GUESSAN; Privilege Servant of the most High God in the name of whom I stand!

I decree and declare that you're stoppable as from now that you're reading this short article!

Thank you very much for your comments!

God bless you

See you soon.

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lesabre Premium
Always like stories like that. Super stuff.
CandP Premium
That was a great, and very relevant, story about Gassama, it seemed like the whole world, including us, was transfixed at the time.
Good luck to you on this journey.
Colette and Philip
Jayday500 Premium
Imagine how high you can go, or how far can you travel, if we all defeated fear everyday. Let overcome these fears and take it to the next level.
Great success on your journey
GailLowe Premium
What a hero. Thanks for sharing. It's up to all of us to find that superhero within ourselves.
ThimGraFort Premium
Of course yes my dearest GailLowe! There's a dormant hero in all of us, creatures of God.
May yours wake up now in case she's yet to do so!
CavenM Premium
This is a very inspiring and encouraging story. Thank u for that Boaz Ethan.