Covid -19 has been hurting almost everyone’s life in North East USA

Last Update: May 24, 2020

Covid -19 has been hurting

almost everyone’s life in NorthEast USA

While I was working as process control food compliance

remotely in food facility, thought it was the one of the best

jobs in Covid-19 crisis. I did not have to go to work physically at all.

I had to plan every food processing procedure for all and individual

department before actual production. From January to end of March,

the volume of production doubled.

I was very content with the remote job,and well-paid

in Covid-19 crisis. But it did not last long, in the middle

of April,the production suddenly plummeted by 80%.

I could see ahead what’s going on in upper management

planning, since I had to preparework process ahead

of every departments. I was starting to be worried about

my futuresince then.Finally, I got bad news to get laid off in

first week of May (2-weeks ago).I am now needing to focus

on income.I do not want to be so panic. But I am pretty serious

since almost 40 million unemployed in USA. Things will not

be the same before, duringand after Covid-19. People’s income,

futureoutlooks and views are changing rapidly or slowly.

It’s a challenge for everybody to overcome this crisis.

Since I live in Connecticut near NYC, where Covid-19 worst

hit area in USA, my view may be different from other


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fyre Premium
It seems like your job was/is pretty darn essential. I hope you get through this with strength and support.

I don't know one person that isn't going through something right now but, we are keeping our chin's up as best we can and spreading massive love to each other whenever possible.

Blessings on you and yours <3
Stanleycmng Premium
Sorry to hear that. Many in my country facing the same scenario, especially since travel and tourism is a major industry.
megawinner Premium
let us keep on praying for one another and that we stop this scourge soon. Keep safe and be extra careful!
JohaneG Premium
Things will be fine and God is greater than any problem we have.
JeffreyBrown Premium
It's a sad situation to be sure, but we all just have to ride it out the best that we can!