If you could be the IM guy who...... what would you do?

Last Update: August 09, 2011

Hey guys-- Lets have some fun!

I think it would be fun for WA members to take a break and have a silly moment! There are a million little pieces that once you "get" and see how they fit together ... it all works....  some of those little pieces are annoying, some look like fun, others ... well you get the picture.

So what little IM job would you do?


I want to be the one dreaming up the Captha phrases......


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Labman Premium Plus
I wanna be the guy that makes that VIRAL dog video.
jatdebeaune Premium
Hi Sue, I want to be the one driving the Porsche around the Riviera. That is a job, isn't it? Well, if not that, then I want to make those clever graphics on the Google search page whenever there's a big event, like a "legend" having a birthday or something..