Funny thing happened on the way to Word Express...

Last Update: Dec 6, 2012


As you may know I have been around for a couple of years and each year I wonder should I or shouldn't I re-sign up? I have the basic down and just need action... but then just as my renewal date comes Kyle or Carson would send out a message or Jay would drop a hint in a WAbinar about new a great things to come... so I am still here.

I have been using my WA knowledge in a ticket niche that another member Little Rhody has going and for the most part it has been working. A couple other WA member work with him too. Things have changed in that business because Craigs List is not a great place to advertise anymore unless you are very local and have an old sofa to sell, or want a roommate. so with out that, I need to rank in Google to get business and voila back to WA to catch up.

So yesterday I log on for the first time in months and after a hello from my friend Muskyblood, I head to my ticket website and I find the current certification training. So i figure might as well read through it and decided to use the free website they offer to make a page for Kenny Chesney a bib big concert and just do it by following their plan.

Besides the fact of being annoyed this new stuff was so good and how much easier it would have been for me if it was available back then..... it was quick and easy for me to do because of everything I learned so far, but at the same time was able to pick up some of the subtle and not so subtle changes they now recommend due to Google adjustments and the way things work today.

What I really need is the traffic an linking nitty gritty i think that is in l the 3rd course, so I am going through and doing things like they say for Chesney since the shows are not til summer and I can get ranking. I even was smart enough not to but a year in my title or url so i can just keep adding to this site each year with new concert tours. This site is actually functioning as a level 1 site aka Jays linkwheels so i can articles written now to link to this site which will boost my ticket site. See I have learned something!

It was affirming and motivating for me and I know I need to get back in and do some affiliate niche sites now that it is easier and have a couple of ideas. Somehow I turned into a premium member, don't know how that happened and I have a bunch of WAbinars to watch and I have 300+ followers... I know that is from my newbie organization training... so if I have followers I need to communicate! I will do better at keeping in touch :) and sharing...

Bottom line is I am happy to be back on here and enjoy the people I have met and new folks along the way!

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Welcome back The Sue! Hope this time will be permanent?

Congratulations and welcome back. Hope to see you more often.

yeah I'm here and will be around more often Too much info here to miss out on

Please keep us in the loop, I am looking forward to seeing how you progress!

When I joined a had a vision and as Kyle says passion to create a site based on everything left in my head after 30 years of teaching dyslexics and figured this would be the way to learn! I got sidetracked :) So am determined to begin building an authority site and create my own materials and get affiliates to help me sell!

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