Don't Forget the Roses

Last Update: Jun 11, 2021

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Most of us here at WA work hard at trying to establish our businesses. We spend long hours writing SEO-friendly blog posts tied to keywords in an engaging writing style.

We try to be good neighbors in WA answering questions and learning new techniques with WordPress Sites.

We establish a working routine, try to develop good habits, use time management techniques while keeping track of everything else that is going on in our world.

There is life outside of WA - hard to believe sometimes but there is! There are friends and family that need to be taken care of and establish memories with - because, well, time flies by!

There are only so many grains of sand in our hourglass - and what is even worse, we do not know how many grains we have! But as a doctor, I can tell you with one-hundred percent certainty that we all have a finite amount.

We need to stop and smell the roses!

I am now approaching 70 years old - hard to believe! Where has the time gone?

I truly enjoy being here in WA and am really enjoying my stay here, but there is no forgetting that time developing a business and/or website is time away from family and friends.

I try to advise my children not to let go of friendships they have while they are young. Otherwise, when you get older you will lose contact with them and they will be lost forever.

So the question is how to balance work and home life?

That is the eternal question working people have to face every day - balance.

As Stephen Covey would say you do not want to climb the ladder of success to find out at the end of your life that you were on the wrong ladder!

I find that I often need to actually put some family time in my schedule to try to achieve some balance. Otherwise, the time never seems to come where we can all get together for family time.

How does everybody else handle this difficult balancing act?


Recent Comments


Hi Doc , I must tell you ,you were born to be a teacher , your topic in your post are exceptional
We all have to balance our life example ,
We still have a family life , we have to take the wife , husband or partner out , we have to find time for the children , plus we still have to find time for relaxing
I know building a business mean lots of these will be compromised but , it still have to be done
Excellent post Doc
Keep up the excellent work

Thank you for your kind remarks!

I am trying to write good content that other people might find interesting.

We all live in a world where our attention is being drawn to many different places! Finding the balance is difficult.


You doing Well Doc , keep it up ,

The time spent with family is always going to be the best way to spend our time Dave.

Sometimes it is not easy, sometimes it's really hard!

But i believe that the effort must always be made to spend as much time with family as possible as you never know when it could be the last time you see each other.

Very wise post, Jessie - thanks for reminding us all of our mortality.

When in critical care medicine I would be at the bedside as the family said goodbye to their relatives. We never are guaranteed another breath.


Very welcome Dave!

Thank you, Doctor,

Inspiring writing from you.

Let us put it this way;

Spouse/Family is the foundation.

An excerpt from the Bible,
"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might..." Ecclesiastes 9:10

I´d say;

"There is not one balancing without another."

Make it a great day,


Thanks for the Scripture verse! We need to do everything we set our mind to do with intensity - and that of course includes the family and ourselves.

Too often we forget having to take care of ourselves - time off to enjoy the world around us and to take a deep breath and relax.

That is one reason why we have a Day of Rest - no?

Thanks again - Dave.

With all appreciation, as you said,

"Too often we forget having to take care of ourselves - time off to enjoy the world around us and to take a deep breath and relax."

It truly can be one part of the bigger whole. Either a hermit living in a forest or a social expert in a spotlight, one's lifespan is about the same. Individual content varies but always is important.

It is a balancing act indeed. Time spent with family is very important.

I ensure that I do spend hours playing with my children on a whole at least 3 days weekly with other days used for one to one interaction.

They are all growing up, some are changing direction at their stage of growth and development.

We need to always cherish and treasure whatever time is spent with our family and close friends around us.

Thanks for your comment - it is a challenge as you point out - to find that balance between our business and personal life. We have to be very intentional about finding this balance.


Very determined as well. It is like a no matter what thing we need to apply

Another great post, Dave! As you have rightly pointed out, it is a balancing act. One way to go about it is to schedule it in your daily To-Do list. We have to be intentional about our work-life balance to ensure we spend quality time with our family members.
And of course, we need to smell the roses as we clamber the ladder of success in our business.

Thanks so much for your comment! I agree we need to be intentional about balancing our work and home lives - it is a challenge because it is an ever-moving target!


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