Wont Stop Cant Stop!

Last Update: November 06, 2019

As I continue to grow with my website, I am learning so many things like

Yoast plug-in that helps you with your SEO.

It was so helpful for me because the plug-in in told me things I could do to improve my

SEO and Readability for my article!

The plug in was very thorough with the results which shocked me.

They have an eye similiar to this one 👁 and it takes you straight to your problem!

They could even determine whether, I was passive enough or not, I thought how cool that was.

It was like I had a personal little mentor walking me through.👭

It also gave me added security because I trusted the plugin for the simple fact it was saying things I heard already in the training.


  • Meta title and Meta description length restriction
  • Keyword placement
  • Internal linking

And more.

Now as I continued to use it, I did notice that by the time I got to post 5, it became easier to know what needed to have in my article and I was able to see my growth in my writing because I had to make less and less adjustments as I moved through my articles.

Ohhhhh man! This was a reminder about the little stuff that can make you feel gigantic.

I was not looking forward to doing all this writing; I dreaded it be real.😒


I forced myself to write the first 10 articles and I’m glad I did it, because I faced my fears and I fought through them!

Because of this when I pay lol😎 someone from Fiverr to write my articles in the future, I will have a better idea of what to request when ordering.

However I am proud of how far I have come so far, and I have a funny feeling that as I continue here with my fellow Wealthy Affiliates I can expect to learn more and more.....🤓🤓🤓

I wish all those that may be struggling with something the discipline to pull through, so you can achieve personal and professional development.👏👏

From Love ❤


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HeidiAnders3 Premium
Awesome!! Look at the progress you're making, my friend!! You're about to explode into the world of success!! I'm cheering for you on this journey!

Fleeky Premium
Well done you!
Saved lot of fiverrs
JeffreyBrown Premium
Way to go! Keep up the fantastic progress!!

CMKetay Premium
Awesome post!!!
JohnFricker Premium
Good morning Ty. That's a terrific post for sharing what it feels like to learn something new....scary ....then fun! Just like a first rollercoaster ride I guess.

Keep on learning and discovering new thrills!

All the best to you!
John 😁👍
theeaffilate Premium
Good morning John! I never thought of it as roller coaster great analogy.

One things for certain Im going to keep going!

and Thannnnnnk you for your kind word 😊

My morning is moving in the right direction 👍👌😁