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September 11, 2017
It has been 17 years and it seems like just yesterday! Do you still think about it? Where were you and what were you doing on that fateful Tuesday morning when for one day it seemed the world stopped turning? Were you on your way to work? Were you still curled up in your comfortable bed, waiting for the day to unfold? Maybe giving your kids breakfast as you had the news channel on? Driving in your car, listening to the radio, when the song you were listening to was interrupted by a news b
September 01, 2017
I can't believe tomorrow it will already be 3 months of being a member at WA! I will be allowed to finally be able to do training! :) I am so excited about that, so I was going to do my first training to help others tomorrow, but since I'm such a perfectionist, I want to line it up perfectly on my computer before I load it up in steps in the training section! I don't want to jump the gun just because I can NOW do training, as I want my training to be able to help and benefit others, and not
I have been out of commission the past couple of days with my anxiety disorder, so I am sooo sorry for any messages and emails I received and didn't answer, but I'm back in the game and sooo ready to work on my sites and with WA again! Only a couple days feels like a lifetime now being away from It has become like air to will answer and follow back those I missed who are following me and going through soon as I sleep..I have been up for almost 36 hours with c
I really don't want these posts to come off as bragging (I'm just so excited!) :), but I just made two more sales of my child safe browser from my Niche, and could NOT have done it without the training of Wealthy Affiliate! I'm starting to feel a little more successful! :) I have been able to take part in the community, and still work on my sites, advertise, and love those PayPal payments that come in! It's my own software, not an affiliate site, but the rest of the training I learned from K
I have noticed a few posts that some members have been feeling overwhelmed with all they have to do and learn in a day to feel productive! It’s no easy task when you are running your own business, and still have so much training and learning to do at the same time! I put together a few steps that help me out, maybe it will help you out too, or you have your own routine that you can contribute in the comments!1.) Start getting ready the night before for the next day! Write down your
Is there something in the air? I'm sitting here in shock right now! I received an email from someone wanting to purchase my homeschool blog for a little more than a couple thousand! I don't want to say the exact amount! Am I totally stupid for hesitating? It was started in 2013 and I used sub-domains from it to homeschool my kids, and one of the sub-domains is still there with my youngest child's curriculum I setup on it! After I got the email I did a search! I can't even put good senten
I have NOT been sleeping well for a long time! Three hours of sleep seems to be my maximum! So, last night I was exhausted! I put my head down on my pillow at midnight, and before I knew it, I was fast asleep, and didn't wake up until 8:00 this morning! That has NEVER happened to me, or at least in so long! I woke up to two Payments for my book on my niche blog I created here in Wealthy Affiliate! The other day I made $26! Mind you, my website is only in its infant stages, and not complet
How often have we taken things for granted in our life? The person who takes their freedom of walking from room to room, compared to one stuck in a wheelchair, and can not move around as freely if they're in a hurry to get somewhere? What about the person who is blind, compared to the one who can see the colors of a rainbow and the beauty of a sunset at night? What about the person who can carry on a conversation and hear the words "I Love You!" said out loud, compared to the one who will ne
As I woke up this morning, it hit me! Summer is slowly coming to an end! Although the days are still warm, the evenings are beginning to have a little chill in the air. Last night I sat on my front steps with my housecoat wrapped around me and reflected on all the changes this year has brought! Some bad, but a lot of good as well! My two dogs I had for 11 years died within two months of each other, and although I said no more animals because it was hard to take, my family bought me two mor
By being a mom for ohhhhh so many years already, I have noticed how similar it is between running your own business and being a first time parent. It definitely changes you for the better, but we still end up tackling our own challenges along the way, just as parenting does.When we first start out, there are so many emotions going through us. We are scared and excited at the same time once we make that commitment. We might have many sleepless nights, and may not know what to do next. Someti