Oh Happy Day! The NFL Season Has Now Begun!

Last Update: August 09, 2015

Why do I love the National Football League? The Minnesota Vikings always let me down. Season after season they start out strong only to collapse in the playoffs. Well, every year I tell myself that this is going to be the year they go all the way.

No matter what though I'm just glad to watch NFL football again. This is what helps get us through the brutal winter season. I don't even want to think about those frigid below zero temps of December, January, and February. Right now I will just enjoy the wonderful combination of 85 degree temperatures and NFL preseason football.

Go Vikes!

What's your favorite team?

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phoenix2 Premium
Green Bay all the way! : )
JeanL Premium
Been waiting all year for it to begin!!!
Mark1957 Premium
My favourite team?????

Manchester United, but they play proper football, not this "use your hands as well" type of football.... ;-)

Good luck for your season Linda

DaveSw Premium
In Foosball, Bayern Muenchen is my team....I live near Frankfurt, but just cannot bring myself to switch allegience...As with the Vikings, once I am with a team, I am with them, good or bad. I get ragged all the time as we (Bayern) kick butt (most of the time) by my local friends there because I won't switch! What to do? : )
Mark1957 Premium
David, once a fan always a fan....you simply cannot change your allegiance, up, down, good, bad...tattooed on your heart 'til your last breath.

Ask your Frankfurt friends if they would start to support Bayern if they moved to Munich.......didn't think so!

By the way, have a look at this and join in if you fancy giving us the lowdown on your team...... Mark
DaveSw Premium
A Quiz...

Wow another Minnesota Vikings fan here!!! I have been watching them for years, since a kid...Bronko Nagurski was my neighbor, I used to deliver papers to him daily...He initially introduced me to the game...

I grew up wearing purple and gold (school colors) and our little town, to the time I left after graduation, had won more Hockey State Championships than any other town in Minnesota....We have several players that went on to play in the NHL, and become coaches at national and NHL levels...

Our claim to fame is the slogan "Icebox of the Nation" and we have a fishing Hall of Famer who grew up just down the road from me in an even smaller village, located just outside the city I am speaking of...He has a charming smile and a way with fishin'...

I was knee high to a grasshopper when I saw my first Minnesota Vikings game, and have watched them play from all over the world in countries that were friendly and some that were not, and at all hours of the day/night too...

But it all started with the floor model black and white console TV my folks owned, so long ago, on the lake, and that TV was to be found inside the warm living room, while outside there were what seemed to be mountains of snow, and nearly always an icy cold wind bearing down on the unwary...Ready to suck the last bit of heat instantly out of any extremity foolishly exposed by said individual...

We have a falls named after our town, or perhaps better said the town is named after a falls....I don't know which came first, the chicken or the egg... You get my point...

Oh yes a park too that has a famous figure in the fight against forest fires (at least he was famous when I lived there, not sure about now)...

And that same park now has what appears to be the world's largest rectal thermometer prominently showcased to show just how cold it can get (this I do not understand, I think it looks obscene, but hey who am I)...

So, you know I am a fan....BUT what city did I grow up in (there are a couple of other famous people I could mention, but won't, this has to be a challenge, no lol)?

Your answer is.... ?????????

: )

PS: I will add two more hints....

(1) I grew up with one foot in USA and the other in Canada....

(2) Remember the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon show (check youtube)? The town they came from in that series was a parody or caricature (are these the right words?) of our "little spot of heaven."
TheAnswerGal Premium
Must be International Falls!
DaveSw Premium
BINGO! : )
DaveSw Premium
Vikes are doing OK hey? A couple of important games coming up on Sunday and Thursday next week.....Oh I soooo wish that they would make a good showing in AZ but you know they always crap out on the nationally televised games....Arghhhhhhh hoping for the best!! : )
jazminf Premium
Congrats on your win tonight, I'm also happy preseason has begun. My team plays next Sunday, Go Eagles!