Ways to increase Traffic super effectively- 3 Best ways which worked for me

Last Update: May 28, 2020

Hello everyone. Today I wanted to talk about ways which have been effective when it comes to my business increasing.

These are just methods which I have experimented with over the last few months.

Remember that if you do not have proper traffic it does not matter how good your website is.

So Let me get straight to the points:

  • Focus on Long tail keywords

This is perhaps one of the most important aspect of getting traffic. Google actually tends to be in favor of long-tailed keywords instead of short ones.

So what do I mean by long-tailed keywords? (for those who do not know).

Long tailed keywords are phrases with more than 3 words and short tail keywords are keywords with 3 or less words.

Well an example of a long-tailed keyword would be something like "Best sneakers for men" unlike a short one like "Best sneakers"

Once I was able to focus more on long-tailed on all most post. It gave me more traffic.

I know Wealthy Affiliate does ensure we do this (subtly) but we all often forget this aspect especially when we do our reviews.

Even if you do a review,you tend to have less 3 words or less so try to add something on your keyword to make it at least four.

Here is an example:

If you have "dog superbowl review". You can say "John's dog superbowl review" (Assumming the program was created by John".

You do not need to use this all the time but it does help you a lot since it is unique.

It also gives you even less competition in your niche since most people are just writing the words they get from the keyword research tool.

  • Find social media groups for your niche and engage

This is also another great technique. You must join social platforms related to your niche. You must then engage regularly just like your blog.

The more your write the more you will be able to be known as a leader in your industry.


This is not only going to cause you to look like someone who is desperate but you will likely be kicked out of that group.

Also check the Administrator's policy to see if you are allowed to post anything with a link or not.

I know this can be time-consuming but it will really help with your website traffic.

  • Open a linkedln

Linkeldn is not being used a lot by professional and having a profile where you post regular good content will get you more followers overtime and will really help in the long run.

I hope all my tips were helpful and should be able to give you the much-needed traffic you need.

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phakamawise Premium
Thank you Thabo for you tips to get traffic, by all means I will try to follow them. Although I am not a social media person, now I 'm going to try and find a group I can engage my self with, and congratulations to your achievements.
All the best
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Thabo,

Thank you for the tips on gaining traffic, very useful information indeed.

I always think LinkedIn is a very much underused platform. I have always liked LinkedIn and I find it far more professional than many of the other social media platforms. I think LinkedIn probably has huge potential that is not being taken, I'm included in this!

Have a great day.

CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
I agree with you, Roy.

I am on LinkedIn and do not see many WA Members there.

Be safe and keep well.
MOtuke Premium
Thanks for the tips.
Thabo4 Premium
chrisvs Premium
Thanks,Thabo. Good points to remember. Especially more than 3 words for a key phrase.

Thabo4 Premium
Yeah sir. it really helped me
AndyN1 Premium
Hi Thabo
Thanks for this nice succinct and to the point post. It is good to here what works now from someone who is getting good traffic to their site. I've thought about Linkedin
Thanks again
Thabo4 Premium
No problem man. I wish you best of luck, Just stay consistent it will pay overtime