Earning consistently while I was on vacation-My website paid for my trip

Last Update: November 26, 2019

So I have just got back from my holiday in Cambodia and many things have since happened on my website.

As you guys know that one of my new websites has been picking up well recently and has started with sales with my first sales that I wrote about the last time (you can read it on my post called my site getting sales finally).

Now it is really starting to pick up consistently with sales.

How I got paid while on holiday last week on my website

Last weekend I went on vacation to relax and to end off the year.

Although I wasn't really blogging like normal my website was working for me.

In the hotel when I decided to check my email I was happy to see that I had made consistent sales for the week from my website consistently.

I made a total of $212.

What was more surprising was that I got sales from posts I had done long time ago ( about 4 months ago).

This shows that the hard work you put in now really pays off later.

The money I earned for last week was enough to cover my hotel cost for 3 days in Cambodia.

This was a bonus for me because my girlfriend was complaining about the cost of the hotel since it was a luxury hotel (it was a bit expensive).- It was $60 per day

I gave her a surprise when I told her ( the next morning) that we basically will be staying in the hotel for free for the 3 days, Thanx to my online earnings.

My story is to help inspire anyone who is doubting that their hard work will pay off the future..

Trust me, results do come after you have put in good effort on your website.

And when you do start seeing the results the feeling is crazy.

It is easy to have excuses and at the end of the day you should decide what you want: Results or excuses?

I wish you all the best.

Thanx for reading my post.


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theeaffilate Premium
Congratulations on your sales!!! not only did you make some money but you got to share your accomplishments with your girlfriend while on vacation!!!

which I'm sure was priceless.

Thank you for sharing your story
w/Love Ty
Thabo4 Premium
Thank you very much.

Yes it was more than priceless it made our vacation more meaningful and special.

it is a pleasure, anytime :)
LTamayo3 Premium
Great! This must be encouraging everyone new with WA. Seeing myself get results also sooner. Good job!
Thabo4 Premium
Thanx..Yes hopefully indeed. keep going you will get there.

Best wishes
Matthuk Premium
fantastic what was your niche?
Thabo4 Premium
Thank you. My niche is the vegan diet
DeepakK11 Premium
So great
Thabo4 Premium
Thank you very much