Which Amazon Buy Buttons Can I Use on My Website?

Last Update: December 12, 2019

I have an Amazon Affiliate site and I cannot figure out which Amazon Buy buttons I am allowed to use. I have read about people losing their Amazon Associates Account for using the wrong buttons.

I know that Amazon is strict and I do not want to violate their terms.

Does anyone know which buttons I can use on my website?

I do use SiteStripe but what I am looking for is an Amazon Buy Now button of some sort to place under the product image.

Thank you!!!


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megawinner Premium
If you still have a problem tell us.
texasprinces Premium
Great training but I am actually talking about Buy Now Buttons from Amazon that I am allowed to use on my website. Does Amazon offer any? Besides sitestripe.
Mick-D Premium
It doesn't look like they do.
I will keep an eye on this thread and see what some one else has to say .