I Have THREE Questions.

Last Update: July 26, 2019

So, I have THREE very important questions. Here they are...

1. I am tracking my keywords in JAAXY. It tells me that my post is on page 4 of Google, it has a link to page 4 of Google where my post is supposed to be.. then I click on the link to page 4 of Google to see my post... much to my dismay, my post is not there. I don't see it anywhere.

2. My Rich Snippets are not showing up in the SERPS with my post. I read that it can take time for the stars to display. It also mentioned that Google can choose not to show them. :( I am using the Stars Rating Plugin.

3. Which Rich Snippets PlugIn is the best?

Has anyone else experienced these issues?

Thank you my friends!!


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AOsmand Premium
I wouldn’t worry about it too much, your posts rankings will move up and down, worth checking a page or two more.

I had this with one of my sites, it’s just google updating rankings, we’ll thats what I think anyway I’m by no means a google expert.

Just keep working on your site it should settle down.
texasprinces Premium
Thank you so much!!