auto tracking scan

Last Update: December 20, 2018

This is the message i found when i was trying to use Jaaxy research

Auto Tracking Scans Left
Automatically scan for your websites in search engines on interval
You've got 99 out of 100 scans remaining until Jan 19, 2019

What is this scan for? Need your explanation.

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RDulloo Premium
This feature within Jaaxy will allow Jaaxy to scan the keywords everyday, every few days, once a week or once a month (as far as I remember).

You can use this feature if you don't want to keep checking the ranking for your keywords every single day.

It's useful to let you know how your keyword is performing on a regular basis.. :)

I hope this helps!
smartketeer Premium
A feature that will monitor the evolution of your rankings over a given period. The standard service is monitoring the 1st search result page but you can upgrade to monitor up to 20 pages.
TetaJulie Premium
Thank you for explanation but still confused.
If the scan is for example 98 out of 100 another is 13 out of 100 what is the best for ranking between the two?
smartketeer Premium
That's not a ranking Julie.

That's the number of the available scans (left).

You have 98 available scans left out of 100. Meaning: you've made 2 scans.


You have 13 available scans left out of 100. Meaning: you've made 87 scans.
TetaJulie Premium
Ok,I understand now.Thank you
smartketeer Premium
You're welcome!
LynneHuy Premium
I believe that is for tracking your keyword rankings :)